Elden Ring: Where to Find Pidia Merchant

Traversing Elden Ring’s expansive Lands Between can unveil hidden treasures, and one such gem is the elusive Pidia Merchant, also known as the Carian Servant. This shady trader deals in high-end items, but finding him requires navigating the intricate landscape of Caria Manor. Here’s a comprehensive guide on where to find the Pidia Merchant and what treasures he holds.

Where to Find The Pidia Merchant, Carian Servant

  • Location: Caria Manor, northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Access Point: The secret balcony accessible through a drop from the roof.
  • Unlock Requirement: Complete the Caria Manor section to access the Three Sisters area.

Follow these steps to reach the Pidia Merchant:

  1. Three Sisters Area:
  • Head to the Three Sisters area, available after completing the Caria Manor section.
  • Move to the leftmost side and continue along the cliffs.
  1. Drop Down:
  • Stop when you see a man-made structure below.
  • Look for a single Cerulean Scarab, indicating the drop location.
  1. Descend:
  • After jumping down, head right and drop down to the wooden plank.
  • Continue descending until you find the balcony resembling the one in the image.
  1. Engage in Trading:
  • Take the ladder or jump below to find the Carian Servant inside the room.
  • Engage in conversation to initiate trading; the Carian Servant cannot be fought.

Pidia Merchant’s Inventory

Here’s a list of items available from the Pidia Merchant, along with their stock and costs:

Item NameInventoryCost
Budding Horn21500
Old Fang3800
Slumbering Egg2600
Ritual Pot11500
Celestial Dew15000
Larval Tear13000
Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook12500
Ash of War: Carian Retaliation13000
Ripple Blade13500
Black Leather Shield12500
Weathered Map1600


  • It’s recommended to purchase all available items, as the NPC may perish later in the story.
  • In case the Pidia Merchant is already dead, loot Pidia’s Bell Bearing to buy items from the Twin Maiden Husks merchant.
  • The merchant may drop Nepheli Loux Puppet or Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet based on Nepheli’s consumption of Seluvis’s Potion.

Embark on this challenging journey to locate the mysterious Pidia Merchant and uncover the treasures he has to offer in Elden Ring’s expansive world.

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