Elden Ring: How to Get Rotten Crystal Sword

When it comes to Elden Ring and all its funky status effects, let me spill the beans on the juiciest one – Scarlet Rot. This bad boy takes the crown for being the most potent and downright broken status effect in the game. Sure, Blood Loss packs a punch too, but it demands you build up that Bleed status and keep smacking enemies. Scarlet Rot, on the other hand, only needs a hit or two, and it starts munching away at enemy health like there’s no tomorrow, making fights a walk in the park.

Now, diving into a Scarlet Rot build might sound like a blast, but here’s the rub – the weapons for it ain’t all that snazzy. Most Scarlet Rot weapons? They swing slower than molasses. Unless you’re planning on casting Scarlet Rot incantations left and right, you’ll need a fast-hitting weapon with Scarlet Rot build-up. That’s where the Rotten Crystal Sword swoops in like a hero.

This baby, the Rotten Crystal Sword, is a short sword packing a cool Scarlet Rot build-up of 50. Doesn’t sound like much, but with its nifty moveset and the Ash of War: Spinning Slash skill, you can dish out Scarlet Rot quicker than you can say “Soulsborne.”

Elden Ring: Rotten Crystal Sword Location

Now, let’s talk treasure hunt. To snag the Rotten Crystal Sword, gear up for a journey to the Elphael Inner Wall site of grace in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree – a cozy nook in the Miquella’s Haligtree legacy dungeon. From the Elphael Inner Wall grace site, head down the stairs, dodge the giant branch on your left, and voila! You’ll find three Crystallian baddies guarding a lone chest. Crack it open, and there’s your Rotten Crystal Sword, gleaming and ready for action.

Is Rotten Crystal Sword A Good Weapon?

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. Is the Rotten Crystal Sword worth the hustle? Well, heck yes! It comes with Scarlet Rot build-up right out of the gate, making it a top-notch weapon in Elden Ring. Sure, it’s a short sword, so the range isn’t winning any awards, but the swift attacks and skill more than compensate for it. And here’s the cherry on top – grab a second Rotten Crystal Sword (borrow it from a buddy or dive into New Game +), and you can dual-wield these bad boys for one of the fastest movesets in the game. Double the swords, double the Scarlet Rot fun!

But, and there’s always a but, the Rotten Crystal Sword does have a little hiccup. Its weapon skill is the standard Spinning Slash, and you can’t tweak it with whetblades. Upgrading this beauty requires Somber Smithing Stones.

To wield it with finesse, your character needs 13 Strength, 10 Dexterity, and 15 Intelligence. Surprisingly, Intelligence pulls its weight, contributing to almost half of the sword’s damage as Magic damage. But if you’re just in it for the Scarlet Rot effects, focus on meeting the minimum Intelligence requirement – no need to dive deep into that attribute pool.

And there you have it – the lowdown on Elden Ring’s Rotten Crystal Sword.

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