Elden Ring Final Boss Explained

Experiencing the euphoria of victory after countless defeats often overshadows the desire for a fulfilling resolution to the story of Elden Ring. Yet, you may find yourself pondering why you faced Radagon instead of Marika, the grieving queen who transforms into a translucent larva monster. We’re here to shed light on the reasons behind the final boss encounter in Elden Ring, providing context to your triumph.

Why Were You Fighting Radagon Instead of Marika?

Let’s be real, Marika just suffered profound losses—a son, a husband, and the stability of her kingdom. Why would you want to confront her? But on a serious note, Queen Marika shattered the Elden Ring in her grief over losing Godwyn, leaving its fragments to be contested by lesser demigods.

Meanwhile, Radagon, Marika’s alter ego, seeks to restore the Elden Ring, representing law and order in the Lands Between.

To simplify, the Elden Ring embodies the powers governing the Lands Between.

Radagon endeavors to repair the Elden Ring to reinstate the Greater Will’s control, suggesting a distinction between Radagon and Marika despite their shared identity. Radagon intervenes to thwart your interference with the Elden Ring.

It seems that Radagon, aligned with the Greater Will, opposes you as the Elden Lord, with the Greater Will also holding animosity toward Marika for her actions regarding the Elden Ring, leading to Radagon’s control and Marika’s imprisonment.

What is the Elden Beast?

Following Radagon’s defeat, a colossal creature emerges from his remains—the Elden Beast, serving as the vessel of the Greater Will.

Essentially, the Elden Beast represents the Elden Ring itself, dispatched by the Greater Will to establish order in the Lands Between.

Over time, the Elden Beast assumed the form of the Elden Ring, making it the final boss.

While it’s unclear if the Greater Will reigns supreme among the Outer Gods, it dispatched the Elden Beast to the Lands Between and likely possessed the Elden Ring and the beast.

However, other Outer Gods, like the Dark Moon, Formless Mother, God of the Scarlet Rot, Serpent God, and The Frenzied Flame, also vie for control over the Elden Ring, leading to multiple endings depending on your chosen deity. This encourages replayability and further exploration of the enigmatic lore within the Shadow of the Erdtree.

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