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Does Tanjiro Become a Hashira in Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has captivated anime fans worldwide with its intense action, compelling characters, and intricate storyline. One of the most beloved characters in the series is Tanjiro Kamado, a determined young boy on a mission to avenge his family and save his sister from a curse that turned her into a demon. As Tanjiro’s journey unfolds, fans have wondered whether he will eventually become a Hashira, the elite warriors of the Demon Slayer Corps. In this article, we will explore the question of whether Tanjiro achieves the prestigious rank of Hashira.

1. The Path of a Demon Slayer

Before delving into Tanjiro’s potential as a Hashira, it is crucial to understand the hierarchy and significance of the Hashira within the Demon Slayer Corps. The Hashira are a group of nine highly skilled and powerful swordsmen, each specializing in a specific breathing technique and assigned to lead a different corps. They serve as pillars of strength and leadership, defending humanity against the threat of demons.

2. Tanjiro’s Growth and Training

Throughout the series, Tanjiro undergoes rigorous training and encounters numerous challenges that test his abilities and resolve. Under the guidance of his mentor, Urokodaki Sakonji, Tanjiro hones his swordsmanship skills and learns the Water Breathing technique. He demonstrates exceptional growth, showcasing determination, adaptability, and a deep sense of empathy that sets him apart from his peers.

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3. The Pillars’ Recognition of Tanjiro

Tanjiro’s skills and character do not go unnoticed by the Hashira. Several members of the elite group acknowledge his potential and recognize his accomplishments. During the Infinity Castle Arc, Tanjiro and his friends find themselves in a life-or-death battle against the Upper Moon demons. Despite his lack of formal training as a Hashira, Tanjiro’s unwavering spirit, bravery, and combat skills earn him the respect and admiration of some of the Pillars.

4. Tanjiro’s Demon Slayer Mark

One significant development in Tanjiro’s journey is the emergence of his Demon Slayer Mark. This mark, bestowed upon exceptional Demon Slayers, enhances their physical abilities and grants them a surge in power. Tanjiro’s mark appears after his fierce battle with the Upper Moon demon, Akaza. The manifestation of this mark signifies Tanjiro’s extraordinary potential and sets him on a path that may lead to even greater heights within the Demon Slayer Corps.

5. The Tragic Turn of Events

Despite Tanjiro’s remarkable growth and the recognition he receives from the Hashira, the story takes a tragic turn during the climax of the series. Without delving into spoilers, it can be said that Tanjiro’s fate takes an unexpected twist that alters the trajectory of his journey. This twist, while heartbreaking for fans, also raises questions about whether Tanjiro will ever get the opportunity to become a Hashira.

6. Possibilities for the Future

While the events that unfold in the series may cast doubts on Tanjiro’s chances of becoming a Hashira, the world of Demon Slayer is full of surprises and twists. The author, Koyoharu Gotouge, has masterfully crafted a narrative that keeps fans guessing and yearning for more. It is entirely possible that future developments could present Tanjiro with an opportunity to ascend to the rank of Hashira, despite the obstacles he faces.

7. Symbolic Hashira Role

Even if Tanjiro does not become a Hashira, it is crucial to acknowledge the immense impact he has on the Demon Slayer Corps and the story as a whole. Tanjiro embodies the spirit and values that the Hashira represent—courage, compassion, and a burning desire to protect humanity. His journey inspires those around him and reminds us that true heroism lies not only in titles and ranks but also in the strength of one’s heart.


In the world of Demon Slayer, the question of whether Tanjiro will become a Hashira remains uncertain. While the series takes unexpected turns and presents numerous challenges for our protagonist, Tanjiro’s growth, skills, and unwavering determination make him a worthy contender for the prestigious rank. Regardless of the outcome, Tanjiro’s impact as a Demon Slayer goes beyond titles and ranks, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and the story itself. As we eagerly await future developments in the series, one thing is certain: Tanjiro Kamado will continue to inspire and captivate audiences with his unwavering resolve and unyielding spirit.


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