Does Skull and Bones have melee combat?

Participate in the camaraderie of pirates, engage in fierce battles, and forge dubious alliances as you navigate the seven seas in Skull and Bones, Ubisoft’s latest maritime adventure, available in open beta for all until Feb 11.

In the realm of Skull and Bones, Ubisoft has opted for intense ship-to-ship warfare instead of traditional melee combat. Thus, at its release, Skull and Bones does not incorporate melee combat, meaning pirates cannot engage in fistfights or draw swords to establish their dominance on the seas.

As the captain of your own sailing vessel, your focus must lie in mastering the ship, executing strategic maneuvers, and navigating wisely. While the absence of melee combat may not detract from the excitement of ruling the open seas for many, some have critiqued the game for omitting this integral aspect of the pirate gaming experience.

Are there land-based explorations in Skull and Bones?

Skull and Bones currently lacks melee combat. The game confines its action exclusively to the sea—well, aboard your ship. While some players may miss terrestrial adventures, the game’s dedication to providing a pure naval experience offers a unique appeal to those seeking maritime thrills.

The game’s inception traces back to 2013, initially conceived as an expansion of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. However, it gradually evolved into a standalone naval adventure, shedding all aspirations for land-based gameplay. Although Skull and Bones primarily offers PvE content, players—ahoy, pirates—can engage in PvP skirmishes.

Nevertheless, as aforementioned, Skull and Bones’ PvP revolves around vessel-versus-vessel combat, meaning you won’t have the opportunity to swing across and personally confront the enemy captain. With these foundational features in place, Skull and Bones harbors potential for future additions, such as a boarding mechanic, to sustain the excitement.

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