Does Infinite Craft Save?

Infinite Craft is a browser-based game that doesn’t require any form of account registration to play. However, this raises the question: does Infinite Craft save your progress?

Does Infinite Craft Save?

Fortunately, Infinite Craft does indeed save your progress. When you close the website tab or your browser, Infinite Craft preserves all your crafting and component progress within your browser’s history. If you’ve accumulated a substantial amount of crafting components, it may take a moment to load everything upon your return to the website, but rest assured, your progress remains intact even after exiting the game.

Infinite Craft achieves this through your browser’s cookies. If you clear your browser’s cookies, you’ll lose all your progress. However, clearing your browser’s cache or browsing data will not revert your progress.

How Can You Reset Infinite Craft?

If you wish to reset your Infinite Craft progress, you have two options. One method is to clear your browser’s cookies, which can be easily done through the browser’s history page.

An easier way to reset your progress in Infinite Craft is through the game’s webpage itself. Located at the bottom left of the Infinite Craft webpage is the word “Reset.” Clicking on it will prompt a pop-up with a warning message stating, “Are you sure? This will delete all your progress!” You can then choose “Cancel” to retain your progress or “OK” to reset it entirely. After clearing your progress, you’ll revert to having only the initial four elements of Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth.

Alternatively, there’s a method to clear your board of all items while retaining your components. At the bottom right of the webpage, you’ll find a whisk broom icon, alongside the speaker icon for toggling sound and the search bar. Clicking on the whisk broom icon clears the board while preserving your progress.

Given the complexity of many of Infinite Craft’s components, it’s understandable that players want assurance that their progress is saved. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming to expand your component collection, be sure to explore our guides on crafting a Crow, a Continent, and even some Sand in Infinite Craft.

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