Does Helldivers 2 have vehicles?

Helldivers 2 offers an array of tools to aid you in defending Super Earth, yet the presence, or rather absence, of vehicles in the game has sparked some uncertainty.

Despite persistent server issues, Helldivers 2 has seen significant success since its launch on Feb. 8. Once these issues are addressed, developer Arrowhead Games will likely shift their focus to future updates.

Given the abundance of Stratagems available in Helldivers 2, one might assume that vehicles would also be at your disposal for piloting and deployment. However, that is not the case currently.

Are there vehicles you can control in Helldivers 2?

No, at the game’s launch, there are no vehicles in Helldivers 2 that you can control during missions. The only vehicle available to you is the Destroyer, which serves as your primary means of transport and deploying Stratagems, acting as your central hub.

While the original Helldivers game did feature vehicles like tanks and motorbikes for land traversal, their absence in Helldivers 2 may raise questions. However, their omission from the launch version does not necessarily mean they won’t be introduced later on.

Will vehicles be added to Helldivers 2?

The possibility of vehicles being added to Helldivers 2 in a future update exists, although there is no guarantee or official confirmation at present. Arrowhead Games has committed to providing updates, and more information could be shared through a developer roadmap. However, much remains uncertain about the game’s future.

Although no specific release date for the Helldivers 2 roadmap has been disclosed, it is in development, as indicated by comments from developers in the official Discord channel. While Mechs have been teased to arrive “soon after launch,” there has been no similar tease for vehicles. The expectation for their inclusion is primarily based on their presence in the original Helldivers.

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