Does Helldivers 2 have classes?

You’ll commence your Helldiver journey from scratch, gradually enhancing your arsenal, fortifying your armor, and honing your combat prowess from the ground up. Many players are curious about the existence of character classes in Helldivers 2, and we’re here to provide the answer.

Are there classes in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 does not incorporate a character class system, a fact that won’t surprise seasoned Helldivers familiar with the first installment of the game. Unlike numerous multiplayer action games, Helldivers 2 places emphasis on players’ skills, coordination, and strategic acumen instead of implementing a conventional class system.

Every player begins with identical armor, weapons, and Stratagem (unless possessing the Super Citizen Edition). It’s up to individual preferences and dedication to the grind to cultivate a unique playstyle and wreak havoc upon the Terminid and Automatons.

Although Helldivers 2 introduces factions, these merely delineate the types of adversaries encountered rather than dictating the archetype of Helldiver you aspire to become. The choice ultimately rests with you, based on the armor and weapons unlocked through the Warbond battle passes, as well as the strategic placement of Stratagems during pivotal moments on the battlefield.

Therefore, the concept of Helldiver classes is irrelevant; you have the freedom to craft your own soldier, tailoring their armor and weaponry to align with your abilities. Whether you prefer a supportive role, providing cover for your fellow Helldivers, or relish the frontline combat, tailor your armor, weapons, and Stratagem to suit your chosen playstyle, effectively creating your own personalized Helldiver 2 class.

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