Does Enshrouded have controller support?

Input techniques are very subjective among gamers. Enshrouded only released on PC during its first release on Jan. 24, 2024, and many players were interested from the outset if they could play the game with a gamepad.

The console life spoilt me over the years, and I found myself attaching my PC to the TV while playing games with controller support. When games are launched on many platforms at the same time, they normally arrive with controller compatibility, but I had my worries about Enshrouded since the game wasn’t coming to consoles in the early parts of 2024.

Is there controller support in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded has controller support. Keen Games confirmed this on Enshrouded’s Steam Store page where the game is said to offer “Full Controller Support” for Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

up most circumstances, connecting up an Xbox or a PlayStation controller to your PC before launching Enshrouded will be adequate, since the game will immediately recognize the controller.

How to repair the controller not functioning problem in Enshrouded

If your controller isn’t functioning in Enshrouded, there can be a connection fault or a keybind mismatch. Following the game’s release, many players on Enshrouded’s subreddit were puzzled about controller bindings as certain buttons were assigned to the incorrect settings, but there are a few workarounds you can attempt.

  • Turn on Steam Controller Input via the Properties-Controller panel in Enshrouded’s Steam Library entry. If this setting is already enabled, try turning it off.
  • Launch Enshrouded from Steam Big Picture Mode.

Although I did not find many troubles when using a controller in Enshrouded, I had to tag back my keyboard and mouse while engaging with the crafting mechanics and my inventory. 

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