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Do You Need to Watch Baki Before “Baki Hanma”? Explained

The world of anime and manga is filled with captivating stories and compelling characters that have captivated audiences worldwide. One such series that has gained considerable popularity is “Baki,” a martial arts manga created by Keisuke Itagaki. Recently, the franchise expanded with the release of “Baki Hanma,” leaving fans wondering whether they need to watch the original “Baki” series before delving into the new installment. In this article, we will explore the relationship between “Baki” and “Baki Hanma” and shed light on whether watching the former is necessary for a full understanding of the latter.

1. Understanding “Baki”

1.1 The Plot and Characters

“Baki” follows the journey of Baki Hanma, a young martial artist who seeks to become the strongest fighter in the world. The series delves into the underground world of martial arts, where various fighters with extraordinary skills and techniques clash in brutal battles. Baki faces formidable opponents, including convicts from death row and other renowned fighters, as he strives to test his abilities and surpass his limits.

1.2 Themes and Tone

The “Baki” series explores themes of strength, determination, and the pursuit of greatness. It portrays intense and violent fights, showcasing the raw power and skill of its characters. The tone of the series is dark and gritty, reflecting the harsh realities of the underground martial arts world. The series also delves into the psychological aspects of combat, examining the motivations and mental states of the fighters.

2. Introducing “Baki Hanma”

2.1 The Continuation of the Story

“Baki Hanma” serves as a direct continuation of the “Baki” series, picking up where the previous installment left off. It follows Baki Hanma’s ongoing journey as he faces new challenges and encounters even more formidable opponents. The new series delves deeper into Baki’s character development, exploring his relationships with other fighters and delving into his past.

2.2 Standalone Nature of “Baki Hanma”

While “Baki Hanma” continues the overarching story from the original “Baki” series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone series. The creators have made efforts to ensure that newcomers to the franchise can understand and appreciate the narrative without prior knowledge of the previous seasons. “Baki Hanma” introduces its own set of characters, story arcs, and conflicts, providing a fresh entry point for those unfamiliar with the franchise.

3. The Benefits of Watching “Baki”

3.1 Enhanced Character Understanding

Watching the original “Baki” series before “Baki Hanma” offers a deeper understanding of the protagonist’s journey. It provides crucial context regarding Baki’s growth, relationships, and the challenges he has faced in his quest for strength. The original series offers a more comprehensive exploration of Baki’s past and the events that have shaped his character.

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3.2 Appreciation for Continuity

For fans of the franchise, watching “Baki” before “Baki Hanma” allows for a greater appreciation of the continuity and evolution of the story. It provides a sense of connection with the characters and a fuller understanding of the overarching narrative. By witnessing Baki’s development from his earlier struggles to his current battles, viewers can better appreciate the character’s growth and the significance of his ongoing journey.

4. Making the Choice

4.1 Starting with “Baki Hanma”

If you’re new to the “Baki” series and eager to jump into the latest installment, “Baki Hanma,” you can rest assured that you

won’t be completely lost. The series has been designed to provide enough context and explanations for newcomers to follow the story. It introduces characters and conflicts specific to this installment while still capturing the essence of the franchise.

4.2 Watching “Baki” First

For those who prefer a more comprehensive experience, watching the original “Baki” series is highly recommended. By starting from the beginning, viewers can fully immerse themselves in Baki’s world and gain a deeper understanding of his motivations and relationships. It allows for a richer appreciation of the character’s growth and the challenges he has overcome.


In conclusion, while watching the original “Baki” series before diving into “Baki Hanma” can enhance the overall viewing experience, it is not strictly necessary. “Baki Hanma” is designed to stand on its own, providing newcomers with an entry point into the thrilling world of underground martial arts battles. Whether you choose to begin with “Baki Hanma” or explore the entire franchise, one thing is certain: both series offer intense action, complex characters, and a compelling exploration of the pursuit of strength.


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