Do This to Speedrun the Map In Palworld

Venturing into the expansive Palpagos Islands of Palworld is a blast. These islands are a hodgepodge of biomes, bustling with Pals of various shapes, sizes, and elements. As you explore, you stumble upon Lifmunk Effigies, Chests brimming with goodies, Eggs that hatch into new Pals, and even Poacher Camps. No wonder the game keeps smashing records; it’s a wild ride!

Now, the official way to traverse the Palpagos Islands involves using your limbs (climbing), a Grappling Gun, or a mount that can run or fly, sometimes both. But, here’s the scoop – players have already cracked the code, finding unconventional ways to zip around Palworld. One particular method, especially handy in the early game, makes traversal a breeze.

The Grappling Gun Momentum Trick

Your Best Tool For Getting From Point A To Point B

Let’s dive into the tricks, and the star of the show is the Grappling Gun and a Glider. Anyone who’s tried the Grappling Gun knows it’s a bit wonky, but with a Glider, it becomes a game-changer. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. **Craft the highest-tier Grappling Gun & Glider you have access to.
  2. Find terrain a bit taller than your current spot or with a reachable roof.
  3. Look where you want to go with that taller terrain in front.
  4. Grapple onto the terrain at the most ‘diagonal’ angle possible.
  5. While being pulled, cancel the Grappling Gun and open the Glider immediately.
  6. Direct your character away from the terrain to maintain momentum.
  7. If done right, you’ll shoot past the terrain with higher momentum.
  8. Gliding over a great distance? Open and close the Glider often to conserve Stamina.
  9. Keep a bit of Stamina to close the Glider just before hitting the ground to dodge fall damage.

This ‘speedrun tech’ takes practice but can help you cross vast portions of the map in a few goes. It works best with a Mega Grappling Gun, a higher-tier Glider, and a stash of Stamina.

Other Useful Traversal Tricks

Glider Pals, Pals With Odd Gravity, Exploiting Multiple Stamina Bars, & More

But hold on, there’s more than one way to zip through Palworld. Apart from the Grappling Gun trick, players have discovered sneaky ways to exploit the game’s systems – intentional glitches, bug-fueled XP farming, and yes, faster traversal.

Glider Pals

Keep Glider Pals in your party to replace your Glider and enhance your travel game. Each Pal has its specialty – Celaray for vertical moves, Galeclaw for horizontal speed, Killamari for a vertical boost, and Hangyu for vertical gliding. Combine these Glider Pals with flying mounts for double the speed.

Mossanda’s Lack of Gravity

In an amusing twist, Mossanda and Mossanda Lux seem filled with helium. Ride them, exploit their low gravity, and make exploring more fun by leaping around.

Land Mount Stamina Bars

This trick focuses on crossing large bodies of water. If you’re eyeing areas like the Pal Sanctuaries, using a land mount can be a game-changer. Swim with your mount until its Stamina depletes, then recall it when it’s about to lose health. Use this method to reach places without a flying mount or before crafting a saddle.

And there you have it, the secrets to moving swiftly in Palworld.

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