Do This to Get Sparks In Enshrouded

Hey, fellow Enshrouded enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into the magical world of Sparks – those little fiery wonders that amp up your Flame Altar game. Trust me, upgrading that altar is the key to unlocking a realm of benefits, including more precious time in the Shroud. So, let’s talk about how to get our hands on these sparky delights!

Now, Sparks aren’t exactly falling from the sky like rain. They come from Flame Shrines and Sanctums scattered across Embervale. Picture this: you stroll up to the circular flame, give it a little interaction, and voila – Sparks in your pocket. Sometimes, you hit the jackpot and get more than one Spark in a go. Every new Flame Shrine ensures you snag at least one Spark, making them your go-to treasure troves.

Flame Sanctums, on the other hand, are the big structures – a loot paradise waiting for you to explore. Flame Shrines are the outdoor hotspots, a bit smaller but still packing a punch of goodies. Pro tip: loot around them, but don’t expect a grand hall inside the shrines.

Where To Find Flame Shrines And Sanctums

Alright, so where’s the party? Flame Shrines and Sanctums rock the same flame icon on the map, making them easy to spot. And guess what? Once you spot one, that icon stays put on your map forever – pretty nifty, right?

Now, we’ve marked a few on the map, but truth be told, there are tons more hiding out there. Embrace your inner explorer, and who knows? You might stumble upon a Flame Sanctum in the middle of the wild – talk about hidden gems! And here’s a wise move: once you’ve drained a shrine or sanctum of Sparks, drop a marker to avoid double-dipping.

What To Do With Sparks

Alright, you’ve got a backpack full of Sparks. Now what? These little wonders are your ticket to upgrading that Flame Altar. For instance, hitting level four requires a cool ten Sparks. So, my advice? Snatch up Sparks like they’re the last piece of loot in a boss fight. Even if you don’t need them now, stash them away. Trust me, when the moment comes, and you’re eyeing that juicy upgrade, you’ll thank yourself for being a Spark hoarder.

And that’s the lowdown on Sparks, my enchanted comrades.

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