Do This to Get Dead By Daylight Twitch Drops for Meg Thomas

Guess what, gaming aficionados? Dead by Daylight has brought back the Twitch Drops, and all you Meg Thomas enthusiasts, including yours truly, are in for a real treat. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of unlocking that exclusive Meg cosmetic and make your gaming experience a bit more fabulous.

How To Use Twitch Drops in Dead by Daylight

So, here’s the lowdown – a plethora of cosmetics awaits Meg Thomas enthusiasts in this Twitch campaign. By tuning into participating streams, you can snag these beauties:

  • 1 Hour Viewtime – Cutting-Edge Hairstyle.
  • 2 Hour Viewtime – In Vogue Jacket.
  • 3 Hour Viewtime – Avant-Garde Leggings.

Simple enough, right? But hold your horses; to claim these goodies, you gotta connect your Behaviour Account to your Twitch Account. Don’t sweat it; it’s a breeze. Sign in, hit Connections, and link those accounts. Once that’s done, bask in the glory of your newfound fashion arsenal.

Can Console Players Claim Twitch Rewards in Dead by Daylight?

Now, the burning question – can console players join the Twitch Drops party? Fear not, my console comrades! Xbox and PlayStation players can seamlessly connect their Behaviour accounts to their chosen console, ensuring a ticket to the Twitch Drops extravaganza. But what about the often-neglected Nintendo Switch players, you ask?

Behold! A solution’s in place. While not directly linking to your Nintendo Account, Switch players can redeem a special code usable on their beloved console. Keep those eyes peeled on Twitch Drops while watching the streams, and voila – cosmetics unlocked, even for other accounts!

Sure, it’s a new feature, and Switch users might need a tad more patience. Watch the official Dead by Daylight X page, and soon, you’ll be strutting your stuff in those sleek cosmetics.

When Does The Twitch Drop Campaign for Dead by Daylight End?

Time’s ticking, my friends! The Twitch Campaign is alive and kicking until February 13, 2024. That gives you almost two weeks to immerse yourself in Drop-enabled streams, grab that exquisite recolored outfit for Meg, and avoid the dreaded 3-gen situation in the Fog.

Stay tuned to our Dead by Daylight section below for more game insights and tips to navigate the Fog without breaking a sweat.

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