Diablo 4 | How to earn free cosmetics in the Lunar Awakening event

The Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening event offers various free cosmetics accessible to all players, but how can you obtain them?

While there are cosmetics available for purchase in the Lunar Awakening event shop, if you prefer not to spend real currency, there are still opportunities to acquire some complimentary items.

How to get free cosmetics in the Lunar Awakening event

Running from February 6-20, the event celebrates the Lunar New Year, offering the chance to activate Lunar Shrines granting formidable combat buffs. To earn free cosmetics during the Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening event, focus on accumulating Ancestral Favor.

To commence the Lunar Awakening event, initiate a conversation with Ying-Yue in Ked Bardu; the event quest will promptly become available. Interact with her to access Ancestral Favor tiers, totaling 10 in number.

Upon collecting a specific amount of Ancestral Favor (dropped by enemies post-Shrine activation), you’ll unlock the subsequent tier, each tier rewarding two items. In total, six free cosmetics can be earned during this Lunar Awakening event:

Lunar ScepterWand2
The Dragon’s CourageTwo-Handed Aze4
Moonshot BowBow6
The Dragon’s TapestryBody Marking8
The Moon’s BountyMount Trophy9
Moonborn StallionMount10

This selection includes three distinct weapon cosmetics, a tattoo applicable to all classes, a Trophy, and a striking red Mount. To locate these Shrines, consult your map and zoom in to identify those marked with a purple icon. The Shrines are labeled with their names, indicating the respective Lunar Shrine Effects.

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