Destiny 2 | The Prophecy Loot Table

The Prophecy Dungeon is a highly sought-after challenge in Destiny 2. Despite its difficulty, traversing through it and obtaining the fantastic gear and loot from each encounter is a thrilling experience for many players. The unique weapons and armor exclusive to The Prophecy have become a major incentive for players to farm the Dungeon, especially since the loot table was expanded and enhanced in Update 7.3.5.

All Loot in The Prophecy

Encounter #1 – Phalanx EchoEncounter #2 – The CubeEncounter #3 – Kell EchoFinal Chest
RelentlessStrand Pulse RifleA Sudden DeathVoid Shotgun JudgmentStasis Hand Cannon
ProsecutorArc Auto RifleAdjudicatorKinetic Submachine Gun Darkest BeforeSolar Pulse Rifle
Trials of the Nine Leg ArmorTrials of the Nine ArmsMoonfang-X7 HelmTrials of the Nine Helm
Moonfang-X7 Leg ArmorMoonfang X-7 ArmsMoonfang-X7 ArmsMoonfang X-7 Helm
Trials of the Nine Class Item Moonfang-X7 Chest ArmorTrials of the Nine Chest Armo
Moonfang X-7 Class Item Moonfang-X7 Leg ArmorMoonfang X-7 Chest Armor
  Moonfang-X7 Class ItemTrials of the Nine Class Item
   Moonfang X-7 Class Item

All Prophecy Changes in Update 7.3.5

A Swift VerdictSidearmProsecutorAuto RifleJudgmentHand Cannon
The Long WalkSniper RifleAdjudicatorSubmachine GunDarkest BeforePulse Rifle
The Last BreathAuto RifleRelentlessPulse RifleA Sudden DeathShotgun

Alongside these adjustments, each encounter drop will undergo alterations, while the armor drops will remain consistent and unchanged.

Destiny 2 is currently accessible on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

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