Destiny 2 | How to get the Risen (Year of the Dragon) emblem

In Destiny 2, having the best weapons and armor is crucial, but the aesthetic of your guardian is equally significant. From sparrows to Ghost shells and shaders, your appearance matters just as much as your gear.

Your emblem is a key part of this customization, and one emblem that has caught the attention of players is the “Risen” emblem introduced during the 2024 Lunar New Year celebrations. Here’s how you can unlock the Risen Year of the Dragon emblem in Destiny 2.

How to unlock the Risen emblem in Destiny 2

To unlock the Risen emblem in Destiny 2, you need to enter the redemption code THR-33A-YKC on Bungie’s Code Redemption page. Once you redeem the code, you can equip the emblem in-game.

Initially, the Risen emblem was available to Destiny fans with a Bilibili account. By linking their account to Bilibili and watching five minutes of Destiny 2 streams on the platform, players could unlock the emblem. However, many fans outside of China were eager to obtain the emblem without signing up for Bilibili.

Bungie addressed this by making the emblem available via the Bungie Rewards page. Here’s how to redeem it:

  • Visit the Bungie Code Redemption page.
  • Sign in to your Bungie account using the platform where you play Destiny 2.
  • Enter the code THR-33A-YKC.
  • Click on Redeem.
  • Launch Destiny 2, navigate to your Collection, then Flair, then Emblems, then General.
  • The Risen emblem will be listed there. Reacquire it to equip it to your character.

According to Destiny Emblem Collector, the redemption code for the Risen emblem will expire on Feb. 15. Make sure to redeem it before it expires. There’s no confirmation from Bungie about bringing back the emblem code after February 2024, so stay updated for any announcements.

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