Deep Rock Galactic Survivor: Sniper Scout build guide

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor presents a formidable challenge, but there are strategies to ease the difficulty, such as employing the Sniper Scout build. This approach centers on utilizing the M100 rifle to deliver piercing shots to adversaries. This guide for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will walk you through creating this build.

Sniper Scout build overview

The Sniper Scout build revolves around dealing significant damage to foes using two of the Scout’s most potent weapons. To kickstart this build, opt for the Sharp Shooter Class Mod to obtain the M100 Classic rifle, which boasts enhanced critical hit chances and damage.

M1000 ClassicBigger Mags, A Little More OOMPH!, Thick BoyFRZ Shield Belt
Deepcore GK2A Little More OOMPH!, Big Game Hunter, Lead Wrapped AmmoNitragenic Powder

Best Weapons for Sniper Scout build

The optimal weapons for this build include the M1000 Classic, acquired from the outset, and the Deepcore GK2. Together, these firearms form a formidable combination, granting you sufficient firepower to dispatch even the most resilient adversaries effortlessly, as well as handling hordes of enemies.

Best Overclocks for Sniper Scout build

Overclocks for the M1000 Classic primarily focus on increasing ammunition capacity and firepower to efficiently eliminate formidable foes. The primary overclock is Thick Boy, complemented by two supporting options. The Deepcore GK2 boasts modifications that synergize with those of the M1000 Classic, enabling you to dispatch stronger enemies swiftly while providing reliable backup during M1000 Classic reloads.

Best Artifacts for Sniper Scout build

Lastly, the selected artifacts aim to strike a balance. The FRZ Shield proves invaluable when under fire, offering an escape route from intense situations. Conversely, Nitragenic Powder enhances your critical hit chances as you accumulate Nitra.

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