Cult Of The Lamb: How To Revive Damned Followers

Hi there, fellow lamb shepherds! Let’s dive into the wild world of the Sins Of The Flesh update for Cult Of The Lamb. Trust me, it’s a rollercoaster of debauchery and redemption – the kind of stuff that keeps a cult business booming.

Now, picture this – your Followers, in the pursuit of pleasure, might overindulge a tad too much. And guess what? Too much sinning, and they’re on the highway to becoming Damned, the outcasts of the flock. Talk about a plot twist, huh? So, here’s the lowdown on how it all goes down.

How Do Followers Become Damned?

So, when your Follower’s Sin bar hits the cosmic max (that iridescent bar that screams trouble), they get a one-way ticket to the dark side, adorned with red upside-down crosses in their eyes. Creepy, right? In this Damned state, they’re like lost souls wandering the village, not doing a lick of work or praying. The only direction they’re heading? Toward you.

But fear not, Lamb aficionados! A little chit-chat with the Damned Follower, and voila! They’re absolved of their sins, and you, my friend, get a shiny Sin point for some epic upgrades. You can rack up Sin through Rituals, sipping drinks at the Drinkhouse, and grooving at the Drum Circle. Now, ain’t that a wild ride?

But hold your sheep – if the same Follower succumbs to sin thrice, no matter the time gap, they’re officially Damned. Poof! Gone from your Followers’ list, no longer part of the Cult. It’s a cult drama at its finest.

How To Save A Damned Follower

Now, if you’re feeling brave and ready to embark on a Crusade, guess who’ll be waiting for you? The Damned, my friends! Armed with projectiles and a knack for dodging, they’re like the MVPs in enemy battles. And let’s not forget – more health than your average Joe.

Buckle up because this Damned follower is out for blood, appearing in combat rooms throughout the Crusade. Defeat them thrice, and the Lamb, in its divine wisdom, absolves them, snatching back that precious Sin point. The Damned Follower then jets back to the Indoctrination Stone, ready for a triumphant return to the Cult.

But here’s a cheeky twist – if you’re in the mood for some devilish fun, invite the freshly redeemed cultist to a Cannibal’s Feast. Not only do you snag another Sin point, but you also get some fresh meat for the kitchen. Talk about turning the tables, huh?

And there you have it, the tales of sin, redemption, and feasts in the world of Cult Of The Lamb. Stay wild, shepherds!

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