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Many Counter-Strike enthusiasts emphasize the significance of a well-executed knife kill over gunplay. Whether it’s a precise strike with an AK, a spray with an M4, or a takedown with an AWP, the rare knife kill holds a special place.

Why not showcase your prowess with the knife while stealthily eliminating enemies from behind? The knife, being prominently visible as players navigate with it before switching to their primary weapon, offers an opportunity for display.

The Arms Deal update of 2013 revolutionized Counter-Strike by introducing distinctive and intricate knife finishes, featuring blades of various shapes and colors. With the enhanced lighting and shadows in CS2, these knives appear even more stunning.

Here’s a comprehensive list of every knife skin available in CS2, ranging from the default knife to those valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Every knife skin in CS2


A classic in Counter-Strike, featuring a sleek pull animation. The Bayonet complements almost any skin design thrown its way.

Bowie Knife

The largest knife in CS2, boasting an elongated and thick blade with a sizable handle. Ideal for single-color, non-textured skins.

Butterfly Knife

The Butterfly Knife is renowned for its captivating animation, making it a favorite among the community. Its distinctive flip animation adds flair to any encounter.

Classic Knife

A modern rendition of a Counter-Strike classic, featuring a subtle abstract texture along the blade’s edge. Some skins either modify or enhance the Classic Knife’s custom texture.

Falchion Knife

Resembling an extra-thick Flip Knife, the Falchion Knife shines with skins that highlight both the blade and handle separately.

Flip Knife

A sleek and versatile option, the Flip Knife boasts a clean design that complements various skins. A long-standing favorite among players, it continues to impress with each new skin.

Gut Knife

The Gut Knife’s distinct wider blade and hook at the end offer a unique profile. The vanilla edition, with its intact wooden handle, remains particularly appealing.

Huntsman Knife

Featuring a sawtooth reverse edge and a dark grey handle, the Huntsman Knife excels with custom skins. Brighter designs complement its surviving dark handle.


The iconic Karambit impresses with its menacing animation and sharp profile. Its reverse grip appearance adds to its allure, making it one of the most sought-after knives in the game.

Kukri Knife

The Kukri Knife, introduced in early 2024, boasts a curved blade and smooth draw animation. Positioned between a Huntsman and a Navaja Knife, it has quickly gained popularity among players.

M9 Bayonet

A slightly larger version of the Bayonet, the M9 Bayonet features a sawtooth reverse edge and a textured grip for added grip.

Navaja Knife

A reminiscent of the Flip Knife, the Navaja Knife stands out with its glossy handle finish and easy flip tab. Its elegance shines under CS2’s improved lighting.

Nomad Knife

The Nomad Knife, with its sharp and slender profile, complements many classic Counter-Strike skins. Its wide blade enhances textured designs like Slaughter and Crimson Web, showcasing intricate details.

Paracord Knife

The Paracord Knife, an updated version of the Bayonet, features a textured handle with slits for rappelling. While its functionality may not be relevant in CS2, its appearance is undeniably striking.

Shadow Daggers

Why settle for one knife when you can have two? The Shadow Daggers offer a unique dual-wielding experience, with the character wielding one in each hand. Opt for skins that maintain the base color in the center for a timeless look.

Skeleton Knife

Resembling a Bayonet with a Karambit inspect animation, the Skeleton Knife features a captivating spinning motion. Its colors blend into a blur, adding to its visual appeal.

Stiletto Knife

With its slender profile and flip animation, the Stiletto Knife is ideal for precise stabbing maneuvers. While not all skins suit its design, it remains a favored choice for certain players.

Survival Knife

Combining elements from the Bayonet, Gut Knife, Paracord Knife, and Huntsman, the Survival Knife features a textured handle for enhanced grip. Its menacing appearance, especially in black, makes it a standout choice for many players.

Talon Knife

The Talon Knife, often considered a budget Karambit, boasts similar animations and appeal. However, its bone-colored handle may deter some players despite its captivating swinging motion.

Ursus Knife

Featuring a simple blade with a green ceramic handle, the Ursus Knife complements textures exceptionally well due to its wider profile. With animation quality matching that of the Bayonet, it offers a versatile option for players.

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