Completing Gone in 360 Seconds trophy easily in Helldivers 2

Arguably one of the most daunting achievements in Helldivers 2 is the Gone in 360 Seconds trophy, which demands completing an entire Extreme-difficulty Blitz mission in under six minutes.

Blitz missions pose inherent challenges due to their shortened timer and the need to obliterate enemy nests scattered across the map. To tackle this task, you’ll require assistance from at least one other player. Below, we’ll explore the strategies devised by the community to efficiently secure the Gone in 360 Seconds trophy in Helldivers 2.

Earning the Gone in 360 Seconds trophy

Primarily, assembling a full party of four players, as previously mentioned, is highly recommended for achieving this trophy with ease. This allows the entire team to divide and conquer tasks simultaneously, rather than relying on just two players to handle all objectives.

Prior to embarking on a Blitz mission in Helldivers 2, careful selection of the planet is essential. While you can pursue the Gone in 360 Seconds trophy on either a bug or Automaton planet, opting for a bug-infested planet may provide a slightly smoother path. However, if you feel more confident facing bots, selecting an Automaton planet is also a viable option. Ensure to set the difficulty to level six “Extreme” when choosing the planet and Blitz mission.

Below are additional steps to follow before and during the mission to increase your chances of securing the trophy in Helldivers 2:

  • Equip a Grenade Launcher in your loadout for efficient closure of enemy nest holes. This weapon allows you to shoot grenades directly into the hole, saving precious time compared to manual grenade throwing.
  • Consider equipping the Eagle Air Strike Stratagem, which can serve as a backup for destroying objectives if you run out of ammo.
  • Outfit yourself with a Booster, with both the Radar and Sprint Boosters being effective choices. However, prioritize the Sprint Booster for its speed enhancement, especially crucial for this trophy. Pair it with Light Armor for even greater mobility.
  • Avoid missions with 100 percent increased Stratagem time effects, as this prolongs the extraction ship’s arrival time, making it impossible to complete the mission within six minutes.
  • Select a central location on the map that provides easy access to enemy nests and the extraction point.
  • Upon dropping in, divide your party, with three members tackling different nest sites and one member heading straight to the extraction point.
  • Ensure the three members destroying nests work swiftly, avoiding distractions, while the lone member at the extraction point calls in the extraction chopper within four minutes, allowing for the two-minute arrival time.
  • Keep the entire party informed of the mission time, emphasizing the need for everyone to reach the extraction point promptly upon the chopper’s arrival. This requires nest destruction within four minutes, leaving a minute or two to reach the extraction.

While earning the Gone in 360 Seconds trophy may require several attempts in Helldivers 2, with the right preparation, it’s a challenging mission that can be conquered.

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