Classic PS1 RPG Gets Fan 4K PC Port

The Legend of Dragoon, a beloved 32-bit RPG from the PlayStation 1 era, is receiving an unofficial PC adaptation. This fan-made port brings The Legend of Dragoon to PC screens with upgraded features like 4K resolution support and smooth 60 frames per second gameplay.

The Legend of Dragoon is a renowned Japanese role-playing game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation console. Released in 1999, it follows Dart’s journey as he seeks vengeance on the Black Monster, the entity responsible for destroying his hometown and murdering his parents. Along the way, Dart encounters allies and battles the malevolent forces threatening the world of Endiness. The game is renowned for its intricate storyline, strategic turn-based combat system, and innovative “Additions,” which involve timed button-pressing sequences that enhance attacks, now commonly known as “quick time events.”

The project, dubbed “Severed Chains,” represents a labor of love by a team of modders who sought to reverse-engineer The Legend of Dragoon for PC while pushing the boundaries of traditional emulation software. Unlike emulation, which replicates PS1 hardware, Severed Chains offers a rebuilt game engine that runs faster and leaner, offering advanced modding capabilities. Currently, the project is focused on an upcoming major release, promising a significant graphical overhaul of this timeless PS1 RPG.

Features Included in The Legend of Dragoon PC Port

  • Modding API
  • Bug fixes from the retail version
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Improved controller input accuracy
  • Full mouse support in menus
  • Compatibility with over 1800 controllers for both keyboard and controller input
  • Near-instant loading times and instant saving
  • Unlimited save slots
  • Separate saves for different playthroughs, with customizable settings and mods per campaign
  • FMV skipping
  • 1-9999 item slots
  • Optional quality-of-life changes, including the absence of Dart, solo/duo party options, and the ability to save anywhere
  • Automatic additions and D-attacks
  • Quick text and automatic text advancement
  • Customizable combat menu colors
  • Editable game files
  • Dragoon XP (SP Tracker) displayed in the post-battle screen
  • Debugging tools for map teleportation, initiating battles at any time, and choosing battle stages

The PC port of The Legend of Dragoon will feature native 4K resolution, seamless 60 frames per second gameplay, fullscreen mode, and optional widescreen support. By leveraging the graphics card instead of relying solely on the CPU, this release aims to deliver substantial performance improvements, ensuring smooth gameplay even on older or budget PCs. Highlighted features of the Severed Chains mod include enhanced audio quality, skip FMVs, instant loading times, unlimited save slots, customizable campaigns, and more. The modders prioritize compatibility with the North American release of The Legend of Dragoon, with plans to explore support for other regional versions in the future.

While the port introduces exciting new features, the modding team remains transparent about areas requiring further development to match retail versions and standard emulation. They address current issues such as minor graphical and audio bugs, emphasizing that this is a long-term project with planned features like hardware rendering and expanded modding support. Despite the absence of an official remake, the fan-driven PC port aims to enrich the gaming experience for fans of The Legend of Dragoon.

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