Clash Royale: Mastering the 3 elixir mirror strategy

In the latest Clash Royale event, Supercell challenges players’ strategic prowess with a unique version of the Mirror event. Unlike traditional deck-building challenges, this event levels the playing field with a twist: every card in the deck costs only 3 Elixir, providing an equal footing for both players. Here’s how you can emerge victorious in this exciting 3 Elixir Mirror Event:

Counter The Offensive Cards

Clash Royale How To Wing 3 Elixir Mirror Event B
  1. Review Your Deck: Before playing any cards, assess your deck for units that play a primary role in damaging crown towers, such as Royal Giant or Skeleton Barrel.
  2. Counter the Attack: If you have counters for the opponent’s offensive cards, let them initiate the push. Invest your Elixir in countering the attack, saving the Mirror for your push. If the opponent uses the Mirror, respond accordingly.
  3. Dual-Side Push: In case you lack counters, initiate the attack yourself. A dual-side push is effective if you have tank units with substantial hitpoints.

Use Mirror On Die-hard Cards

Clash Royale How To Wing 3 Elixir Mirror Event C
  1. Choose Wisely: Mirror is most effective on cards with a real value exceeding 3 Elixir. For example, spawning a Royal Giant for 3 Elixir and doubling it with the Mirror enhances its impact significantly.
  2. Avoid Overspending: Using the Mirror on the wrong card can lead to being out-Elixired. Be strategic to avoid putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Don’t Let Your Elixir Overflow After The First Battle

Clash Royale How To Wing 3 Elixir Mirror Event A
  1. Continuous Spending: After the first battle, prevent your Elixir from overflowing. Since all cards cost 3 Elixir, spending it as soon as it fills provides a significant advantage. Spawn a troop even if you don’t have a clear plan.

Navigate this 3 Elixir Mirror Event with strategic finesse, and may your decision-making skills lead you to victory in the Clash Royale arena.

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