Chaos Cyclops Weakness in Persona 3 Reload

Numerous formidable Shadows lurk beyond the Monad Door, including the Chaos Cyclops, commonly found in Tartarus’ Yabbashah Block. To prevail against this adversary in Persona 3 Reload, exploiting its weaknesses is paramount. While Fuuka’s scanning ability aids in identifying weaknesses, it’s prudent to conserve her SP for team buffs. Thus, understanding the optimal strategy against this Shadow is essential.

How To Beat Chaos Cyclops in Persona 3 Reload

Before confronting Chaos Cyclops, reaching Level 38 or higher is advisable. This foe poses significant threats with its array of AoE attacks and self-buffing capabilities.

Here are Chaos Cyclops’ weaknesses and resistances:

  • Weakness: None
  • Resist: None
  • Repel: None
  • Null: Pierce and Light
  • Absorb: None

Chaos Cyclops wields potent elemental attacks like Mazionga, Maragion, and Mabufu. Prior to engaging in battle, activate Fuuka’s Sylphid Aura to bolster your team’s evasion and defense.

Given Chaos Cyclops’ lack of weaknesses, relying on physical attacks is optimal. Employ the Rebellion skill on your primary damage dealers to increase their critical hit rate and topple the foe.

Best Team Composition

Here’s the recommended team composition for defeating Chaos Cyclops:

  • DPS: Akihiko
  • Healer: Yukari
  • Support: Protagonist & Mitsuru

Akihiko serves as the primary DPS due to his buff skills and potent physical attacks. Yukari’s ability to cast Mediarama is crucial for mitigating Chaos Cyclops’ AoE damage.

The protagonist and Mitsuru function as supports, utilizing buffs and debuffs to aid allies and hinder the boss. Consider employing status ailment skills, as Chaos Cyclops is vulnerable to them.

When the protagonist’s Theurgy gauge is full, unleash the Jack Brothers skill. This powerful ability deals Almighty damage to all foes and has a high chance of knocking them down, facilitating an All-Out Attack.

Vanquishing Chaos Cyclops yields the following rewards:

  • Nihil Ore x2
  • Black Quartz x1

Nihil Ore is a rare material used for crafting robust gear at Mayoido Antiques. Black Quartz can fulfill one of Elizabeth’s Requests, requiring an item to enhance her fashion sense.

Fashionable Glasses can be purchased from the Luxury Shopkeeper in Escapade. Access to this area requires Courage Level 2. Initially priced at 150,000 Yen, offering Black Quartz to the shopkeeper can secure a discount.

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