Changing the difficulty in Helldivers 2

As you spend more time playing Helldivers 2, you’ll become accustomed to its mechanics, enabling you to tackle higher difficulty levels. However, adjusting the difficulty in Helldivers 2 isn’t automatic and requires manual intervention.

While one-shotting enemies can provide some amusement, the real excitement kicks in when facing more formidable adversaries. After grasping the game’s fundamentals, I focused on unlocking additional difficulty settings in Helldivers 2. Initially, selecting the appropriate difficulty level from the array of options may pose a challenge, but with some experimentation, you’ll discover what suits you best.

How can you change the difficulty setting in Helldivers 2?

To adjust your difficulty setting in Helldivers 2, navigate to your Ship and locate the Galactic War table. Interact with the table, where you’ll find a difficulty setting slider at the bottom of the screen. Utilize this slider to modify your Helldivers 2 difficulty.

What are the benefits of higher difficulty levels in Helldivers 2?

Playing Helldivers 2 on higher difficulty levels grants you the significant advantage of earning additional Medals upon mission completion. Completing missions at increased difficulty levels rewards you with more Medals for your endeavors.

Moreover, you’ll encounter more formidable foes that require more effort to defeat due to their heightened resilience. Overall, higher difficulty levels in Helldivers 2 truly test your skills and understanding of the game. When participating in public games, it’s advisable to stick with your squad while tackling the most challenging difficulty levels to ensure effective aggro management.

As you acclimate to the higher difficulty tiers in Helldivers 2, it’s crucial to ensure that your gear matches your progress. Evaluate all available armor options and consult our weapon tier list to gain a statistical advantage in battles.

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