CDL pros are testing new guns from MW3 season 2 update

Season two’s BP50 AR and RAM-9 SMG have attracted attention from Call of Duty League pros, but MW3 Ranked Play participants don’t have the same opportunity to experiment with either weapon.

CDL pros typically stick with their chosen weapons throughout a season. In CoD: Modern Warfare 2, for instance, the TAQ 56 was the preferred AR, while the Vazenv-9K was the go-to SMG. Although the M4 and ISO Hemlock ARs almost gained traction, both were prohibited, resulting in a two-gun meta for the entire season.

MW3, however, might present a different scenario, as nerfs to the MCW and Rival-9 have jeopardized their competitive viability.

MCW and Rival 9 nerfs open door for new AR and SMG in CDL and Ranked Play

In the Season One Reloaded update, the MCW experienced increased sprint-to-fire time, and the benefits of two popular attachments were reduced. Additionally, one of the top Rival 9 attachments faced a downgrade.

In season two, Sledgehammer Games furthered these changes by raising the MCW’s aim-down-sight time by 10 percent and its sprint-to-fire time by five percent, significantly reducing the AR’s agility. Consequently, CDL pros have begun testing the BP50 AR and RAM-9 in scrims to assess their potential to replace existing weapons.

OpTic Texas analyst and coach JP noted today that a new meta is emerging. Los Angeles Guerrillas head coach Veohz supported this observation by stating that “the RAM-9 is also being tested as an alternative for the Rival.”

Despite these season two weapons undergoing testing in CDL practices, Treyarch preemptively banned the BP50 and RAM-9 from MW3 Ranked Play.

If pros ultimately opt to use the new weapons in official matches, developers can reconsider their ban on the AR and SMG. However, for now, participants in Ranked Play must contend with the MCW and Rival 9 as their primary options.

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