Can You Play Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Before Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

Diving into the world of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth without prior experience with Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a tempting proposition, but is it a journey worth embarking on? Let’s unravel the tale and explore whether playing the sequel first is a viable option.

Can You Play Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Before Playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

Introduction to Honolulu’s Novelties

Starting Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth before delving into Yakuza: Like a Dragon is feasible, given the infusion of new characters and plot points in the exotic setting of Honolulu, Hawaii. However, the narrative intricacies truly come to life when there’s familiarity with the characters and plot of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Beware, as the beginning of Infinite Wealth unveils major plot twists from its predecessor, setting the stage with relevance to the inciting incidents.

The Tapestry of Narrative Continuity

The Yakuza/Like a Dragon series thrives on its narrative tapestry. Some substories and minigames in Honolulu maintain continuity from Yakuza: Like a Dragon and might even nod to events in older Yakuza games. While not imperative to have experienced the older games, these references add a layer of enjoyment for seasoned players.

Balancing Act: Story vs. Gameplay

For those less engrossed in the narrative intricacies, playing Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth before Yakuza: Like a Dragon is acceptable. However, aficionados of story continuity, a hallmark of the series, will find Yakuza: Like a Dragon a crucial precursor. Additionally, note that the gameplay in Infinite Wealth is more refined, potentially altering the experience when revisiting the prequel’s simpler gameplay.

Are There Any Gameplay Related Bonuses for Playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon Before Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth?

Emotional Investment vs. Gameplay Bonuses

Unlike some game sequels, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth doesn’t seek Yakuza: Like a Dragon save data, resulting in no gameplay-related bonuses for playing the prequel first. The true benefit lies in emotional investment, as delving into Yakuza: Like a Dragon offers a deeper understanding of characters and their experiences. Whether a newcomer or a series enthusiast, Honolulu’s streets demand in-game wealth – explore our guide for the best money-making strategies in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth to ensure prosperity on your journey.

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