Can you get to the Giant Tree in Palworld?

In Palworld, the Giant Tree looms on the horizon, a constant presence. As we approach, its features become clearer, yet it remains tantalizingly out of reach. Can we venture to this tree, or is it beyond our bounds?

Getting to the Giant Tree in Palworld

To spare you the effort, the Giant Tree in Palworld is currently inaccessible. A red barrier blocks further progress, although some players have reportedly bypassed it with a sufficiently swift Nightwing, even constructing atop it. Should you wish to visit the Giant Tree yourself, you’d need either a sea mount or a flying Pal to traverse the ocean to the map’s edge.

Any Pal is suitable for the journey, though the Jetragon, being the fastest Pal available, makes the trip to the map’s edge effortless. It’s a relatively short journey from the snowy island in the north to the map’s edge.

Why is the Giant Tree important in Palworld?

The Giant Tree holds significant importance in Palworld’s narrative. At the game’s outset, our Paldex informs us that the Towers are crucial, and the Tree harbors the truth. As Palworld is still in development, future updates promise additional content for us to explore.

My speculation is that the Giant Tree will unveil a monumental end-game revelation, accessible only after conquering all the Towers. Palworld may adopt a narrative akin to Ark Survival Evolved, where the Tree not only offers an escape but also reveals that the Palpagos Islands are part of a grand experiment.

Numerous fan theories revolve around the Giant Tree beyond the world barrier. Its prominence suggests a pivotal role in the game’s unfolding story.

Furthermore, there’s speculation that the Giant Tree will anchor a larger, circular map, implying that we’ve barely scratched the surface of the game’s world.

Now that you’re acquainted with the Giant Tree in Palworld, why not explore the trailer features we anticipate will arrive soon in the game?

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