Breeding exclusive Pals in Palworld

Hey pals, buckle up because we’re diving into the intriguing world of Pal breeding in Palworld! Not all Pals roam freely in the wilderness; some are exclusive, and you’ve got to play Cupid to bring them into existence. Join me as I spill the beans on three breeding-exclusive Pals and how to master the art of Pal breeding to complete your Paldeck.

How to Get Breeding-Exclusive Pals in Palworld

Elphidran Aqua

So, let’s start with Elphidran Aqua – the one that’s a bit of a softy. All you need to do is mix Surfent and Elphidran as the Parent Pals and throw in a cake for good measure. Easy peasy, right? Elphidran Aqua becomes your go-to late-game buddy, excelling at Lumbering and Watering tasks.

To get Surfent, head over to the lake where Jormuntide hangs out at (-166, -266). The Surfents there are chillin’ at levels 15-18, so grab a decent Electric Pal, and you’re golden. Now, for the Elphidran (43, -284), gear up because this Alpha Boss is level 30. Ice Pal, like Penking, will make your life easier. Alternatively, hit up Wildlife Sanctuary No. 1 (92, -715) for a weaker Elphidran (Level 17-20).

Suzaku Aqua

Now, Suzaku Aqua is no walk in the park. You need Suzaku and Jormuntide as Parent Pals, and here’s the pro-tip – capture Alpha Boss variants for some special stats transfer. For Jormuntide (Level 45), gear up with a top-notch Electric Pal like Grizzbolt. The strategy? Lure Jormuntide onto the island, dodge its attacks, and secure the capture. For Suzaku (Level 45) at (404, 256), bring Jormuntide to the party, shoot Suzaku from below, toss in some Ultra Spheres, and pray for that capture.

Frostallion Noct

Saving the toughest for last, we’ve got Frostallion Noct. This one requires you to capture the Legendary pals Frostallion and Helzephyr. Helzephyr, a dark variant of Suzaku or Ragnahawk, is a bit easier to snag at night. A trusty Dragon Pal like Elphidran will be your wingman. Now, for Frostallion, the legendary beast is lurking at (-358, 509). Arm yourself with a team of fiery Pals like Jormuntide Ignis, unleash the firepower, and throw Legendary Spheres like there’s no tomorrow until Frostallion surrenders.

There you have it, my Pal-loving friends! Breeding-exclusive Pals are within your grasp.

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