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Black Clover: Ranking the Strongest Black Bull Members

Black Clover, created by Yūki Tabata, has become one of the most popular anime and manga series in recent years. Set in a world of magic and adventure, the story follows Asta, a young orphan with no magical abilities, as he aims to become the Wizard King. Throughout his journey, Asta joins the Black Bulls, a rowdy and eccentric group of magic knights. In this article, we will rank the strongest Black Bull members based on their magical prowess, combat skills, and overall contributions to the squad.

Yami Sukehiro: The Captain’s Unyielding Darkness

  1. Yami Sukehiro, the Captain of the Black Bulls, takes the top spot on our list. With his mastery over the Dark Magic attribute, Yami possesses incredible strength and agility. He wields a unique katana imbued with dark energy, allowing him to slice through opponents with ease. Yami’s unique ability, “Dimension Slash,” grants him the power to cut through space itself, giving him a tactical advantage in battle. His leadership skills, unwavering determination, and experience make him a formidable force.

William Vangeance: The Golden Dawn’s Former Captain

  1. Before his true identity was revealed, William Vangeance served as the Captain of the Golden Dawn. As a member of the Black Bulls, he ranks highly among the squad’s strongest members. William’s incredible mana control allows him to manipulate his World Tree Magic effectively. He can summon powerful branches and use them for both offense and defense. Additionally, his unique ability, “Mana Zone,” enables him to amplify his spells and cast them from any direction, making him a versatile combatant.

Nozel Silva: The Silver Eagle’s Stern Commander

  1. Nozel Silva, the eldest Silva sibling and the Captain of the Silver Eagles, proves himself to be a formidable member of the Black Bulls. With his Mercury Magic, Nozel can manipulate and solidify mercury to form deadly weapons and impenetrable shields. His precision and strategic thinking make him a force to be reckoned with. Despite his initially cold and distant demeanor, Nozel’s dedication to protecting his squadmates and his exceptional combat skills make him an essential asset to the Black Bulls.

Charlotte Roselei: The Blue Rose’s Thorny Beauty

  1. Charlotte Roselei, the Captain of the Blue Roses, showcases immense strength and resilience. Her Briar Magic allows her to create powerful thorny vines that can bind and immobilize her enemies. Charlotte’s magic strengthens with her feelings of love and affection, making her increasingly powerful as she becomes more emotionally invested in a battle. Although her self-doubt can hinder her abilities at times, Charlotte’s determination and growth as a leader and fighter earn her a spot among the strongest Black Bulls.

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Jack the Ripper: The Raging Berserker

  1. Jack the Ripper, a powerful Magic Knight with a short temper, demonstrates immense physical strength and offensive capabilities. His Slash Magic grants him the ability to slice through any material with ease, making him a formidable adversary in combat. Jack’s quick reflexes and relentless aggression make him a force to be reckoned with. While his temperament can sometimes hinder his teamwork, his unwavering loyalty to the Black Bulls and his combat skills earn him a place on this list.

Magna Swing: The Blazing Shooter

Magna Swing, a hot-headed and energetic member of the Black Bulls, possesses a unique type of magic known as Fire Magic. He can create and manipulate fire to launch devastating attacks on his opponents. Magna’s “Exploding Fireball” technique allows him to release a concentrated blast of flames, dealing significant damage. Although his magic might not possess the same level of finesse as others, his raw power, determination, and teamwork skills make him a valuable member of the Black Bulls.

The Black Bulls, known for their unorthodox and misfit members, are an extraordinary magic knight squad in the world of Black Clover. While each member brings their own unique strengths and weaknesses to the table, the ranking of the strongest Black Bulls members is subjective to the context of combat and overall contributions. Yami Sukehiro, with his unparalleled darkness magic, stands as the strongest, closely followed by William Vangeance and Nozel Silva. The diverse skill sets and personalities of the Black Bulls make them a powerful and entertaining group to watch as they continue their journey to protect the Clover Kingdom and achieve their dreams.


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