Bitlife: How to Complete the Malpractice Millionaire Challenge

In-game challenges spice up the gaming experience, giving players a thrilling sense of achievement. Bitlife takes it up a notch with its weekly challenges, and the recent buzz is all about the Malpractice Millionaire Challenge. Let’s dive into the specifics and guide you through conquering this intriguing challenge.

How to Complete the Malpractice Millionaire Challenge

To ace the Malpractice Millionaire Challenge, you’ve got to tackle a series of tasks:

How to Be Born a Female in Los Angeles

Embark on your journey by starting a new game with a female character. Choose the United States as your country, and specifically, Los Angeles as your city.

Survive 3+ Botched Procedures

Ensure your character accumulates enough wealth early on to afford plastic surgery. Once you hit 18, explore the Plastic Surgery option under Activities. Opt for the risky path by selecting doctors with lower reputations to increase the chance of botched procedures. Space out the surgeries to recover from one before diving into the next.

Win a Malpractice Lawsuit

After surviving the botched procedures, it’s time to take legal action. Sue those negligent doctors through the Activities section. Boost your chances of winning by hiring a pricier lawyer with a stellar reputation.

Read ”Strong Looks Better Naked”

Next up, cozy up with a good book. Head to Activities, navigate to Mind and Body, and dive into the pages of “Strong Looks Better Naked.” Flip through each page to tick off this task.

Marry a Millionaire

The final challenge awaits on the in-game Dating App. Swipe your way to a millionaire match with a net worth surpassing a million. Seal the deal by tying the knot to triumph over this challenge.

Navigating the Malpractice Millionaire Challenge adds a dynamic twist to your Bitlife adventure. So, gear up, follow these steps, and emerge victorious in this unique and exhilarating gameplay!

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