BitLife – How to Complete the GTL Challenge

If you’re wondering how to complete the GTL challenge in BitLife, you should begin by creating a male character from New Jersey and then follow the provided steps.

All Objectives to complete the GTL Challenge in BitLife

You must fulfill all the following objectives to complete the GTL Challenge in BitLife.

How to born a male in New Jersey

To start the GTL challenge, you must create a male character from New Jersey. While setting up your character, choose male as your initial gender and select the USA as your birth country. For the birth city, opt for Newark, which is located within New Jersey, effectively fulfilling the objective.

How to Go to the gym only once after the age of 18

This particular challenge is the simplest on the list. After reaching 18 years old, click on the Gym option under the Mind & Body tab in the Activities section to attend a workout session. That’s all. Refrain from going to the gym until your character passes away to complete the task.

How to get a Spray Tan

Getting a Spray Tan is quite straightforward. Navigate to the Salon & Spa option under the Activities tab and select the Tanning Salon. From the menu, choose Spray Tan and pay $20 to $50 for a session. That’s it; you’ll receive a Spray Tan immediately.

How to undergo a penis enlargement surgery

For this objective, visit the Plastic Surgery section under the Activities tab and choose the penis enlargement surgery option. Select a doctor and pay for the surgery to undergo the operation. It may cost anywhere from $5000 to $50K. Remember, opting for a less experienced doctor may result in a botched surgery and potential death. Therefore, choose an experienced surgeon, typically costing above $10K.

How to Own a Lambo

The final objective of the GTL challenge is to own a Lambo. Visit the Car Dealers option under the Shopping section and browse through the listings for a Lambo. Purchase it immediately if you find one available. It may cost somewhere between $500K to $3 million. Therefore, save up money by starting a business or pursuing a high-paying job like a Doctor or Lawyer before searching for a Lambo. If you’re unable to find a Lambo, consider restarting your application to explore new options.

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