BitLife | How to Be Exiled as Royalty and Get the Napoleon Achievement

So, you’re eyeing that royal crown in BitLife, but you’re thinking, “What if I want to get exiled from this gig?” Well, my friend, buckle up because we’re diving into the art of getting the boot and snagging the Napoleon Achievement. It’s like the royal exit, BitLife style!

How to Get Exiled as Royalty in BitLife and Earn the Napoleon Achievement

BitLife is the playground of life simulators, with more than 10 million folks hooked on Android and iOS. You can do pretty much anything in this game, from the morally upright to the downright scandalous. And guess what? Getting exiled falls into that juicy latter category. It’s like Harry and Meghan’s story, but with a forced exit instead of a voluntary departure. So, let’s get wild once you’re wearing that virtual crown. Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home, folks (not that you could, but still)!

Become Royalty in BitLife

Becoming royalty is like grabbing a golden ticket—tricky unless you’re RNG-blessed. If you’re born into it, kudos to your luck. Otherwise, consider buying BitLife’s God Mode pack with real money for a royal shortcut. There are two paths to royalty:

  • Be born into it: Pray to the RNG gods or invest in God Mode.
  • Marry into it: Get noticed by being famous or wealthy, making royal hearts flutter, especially in monarchies.

Getting Exiled in BitLife

Okay, now you’re royalty. Time to stir the pot. Open your Royalty activities and let loose! Engage in Public Disservices or any negativity that’ll make your subjects a tad upset. Feeling adventurous? Try mass executions for no apparent reason. Tank that respect level to zero, and once you hit rock bottom, you’ll be dethroned and shown the royal exit. Double down on your tyranny until you reach your goal.

If you’ve played your cards right, congratulations! You’ve achieved the royal dream—exiled from your kingdom with the Napoleon Achievement firmly in your grasp.

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