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BitLife’s Mother of Dragons challenge, inspired by a particularly renowned queen of the same moniker, requires you to ascend to the throne as a queen of a Komodo dragon before utilizing your royal authority to eliminate individuals and relocate to another country. Below is a comprehensive guide to completing this challenge.

BitLife Mother of Dragons Challenge Walkthrough

Here are the tasks you need to fulfill for the Mother of Dragons Challenge in BitLife:

  • Become Queen of Jordan
  • Possess at least one Komodo dragon
  • Achieve a 100% relationship with at least one Komodo dragon
  • Execute 3+ individuals
  • Abdicate and emigrate to Croatia

The most challenging aspect of this challenge is becoming the Queen of Jordan without access to God Mode, as it heavily relies on luck. Beyond this, you must carefully balance executing individuals while maintaining public satisfaction to avoid immediate exile.

Becoming the Queen of Jordan

If you have God Mode, becoming the Queen of Jordan is straightforward. Simply create a new character with Jordan as the starting country, female gender, and princess royal status. Advance your character’s age until your parents and siblings pass away or until you’re old enough to remove them prematurely, thereby ascending to the throne.

Without God Mode, the process is more arduous. Essentially, you must create new characters until one appears as the Princess of a Jordanian region, then follow the aforementioned steps.

Alternatively, you can marry into royalty by repeatedly dating until you encounter a prince. However, like the previous method, success hinges on luck, with no guarantee of finding a suitable match during your character’s lifetime.

How to Own a Komodo Dragon

Next, procure a Komodo dragon and cultivate a 100% relationship with it. To do so, navigate to the Activities menu and peruse the exotic pet dealer until a Komodo dragon appears. If it doesn’t immediately appear, refresh the app or age up and recheck the list.

Upon locating a Komodo dragon, purchase it and maintain its happiness by offering treats and spending time with it until your relationship reaches 100%, fulfilling the subsequent tasks.

Eliminating People in BitLife

For this challenge, you can eliminate individuals through conventional means or utilize your royal authority for executions. While each method has its advantages and drawbacks, executions were chosen for this challenge.

Attempting conventional murder poses the risk of retaliation, potentially resulting in your demise. However, executing as a queen typically ensures successful eliminations, albeit with a slight possibility of public backlash leading to exile. Nevertheless, this scenario didn’t occur during the playthrough, with the task completed without significant penalties.

Abdicate and Emigrate to Croatia

Concluding the challenge entails abdicating your queen title and emigrating to Croatia. Navigate to the royalty tab, select Abdicate to relinquish your title, then proceed to Activities and choose Emigrate. Review the list, refreshing it if necessary, until Croatia appears.

Upon initiating the emigration process and arriving in Croatia, you’ll fulfill the final task, successfully completing the Mother of Dragons challenge in BitLife.

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