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Big Mom’s Replacement of Zeus with Hera: Is She Truly Stronger?

In the vast and adventurous world of “One Piece,” mysteries abound, and the actions of its powerful characters often leave fans wondering about their motives and abilities. One such enigmatic character is Big Mom, also known as Charlotte Linlin, the captain of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Four Emperors of the sea. Big Mom’s recent decision to replace her trusted homie, Zeus, with a new homie named Hera has sparked curiosity among fans. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Big Mom’s choice and discuss whether Hera is truly stronger than Zeus.

1. The Significance of Homies

Before delving into the specifics of Big Mom’s decision, it is essential to understand the concept of homies in the world of “One Piece.” Homies are living objects infused with a portion of a person’s soul, granting them sentience and unique abilities. These homies serve their creator and are an integral part of the pirate crews in the series. Big Mom possesses the rare ability to grant life to inanimate objects and convert them into powerful homies.

2. Zeus: The Thundercloud Homie

Zeus, introduced in the Whole Cake Island arc, was one of Big Mom’s most prominent homies. He was a sentient thundercloud infused with a fragment of Big Mom’s soul, granting him control over lightning and thunder. Zeus possessed immense power, able to unleash devastating electric attacks and provide aerial transportation for Big Mom and her crew. His loyalty and usefulness made him an essential asset to the Big Mom Pirates.

3. Big Mom’s Motives for Replacing Zeus

Although Zeus had been a reliable companion, Big Mom’s decision to replace him with Hera raised eyebrows. Several factors could have influenced her choice:

a. Power Enhancement

As one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom is constantly striving to strengthen her crew and increase her own power. By replacing Zeus with Hera, she might have sought to acquire a homie with even greater strength or unique abilities. This decision could be part of her grand plan to conquer the seas and maintain her position as one of the most formidable pirates in the world.

b. Emotional Attachment

Big Mom is known for her temperamental nature and unpredictable behavior. Despite Zeus’s loyalty, he had developed a bond with Nami, a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, during their time on Whole Cake Island. Big Mom may have perceived this emotional connection as a potential vulnerability and decided to replace Zeus with Hera, a homie who would be solely dedicated to serving her interests.

c. Hera’s Abilities

The introduction of Hera as a replacement for Zeus indicates that she possesses unique attributes that Big Mom finds advantageous. While the specifics of Hera’s abilities are yet to be revealed, it is plausible to assume that she offers something different from Zeus. Perhaps Hera has powers or qualities that align more closely with Big Mom’s strategies and goals, making her a more suitable homie for the captain of the Big Mom Pirates.

4. Is Hera Truly Stronger?

The question that arises from Big Mom’s decision is whether Hera is genuinely stronger than Zeus. It is crucial to remember that the power of homies is derived from the fragments of souls infused within them. If Big Mom transferred a significant portion of her soul to Hera, it could indicate that she considers Hera to be more potent than Zeus.

However, power is not solely determined by the size of the soul fragment. Zeus had showcased formidable lightning-based abilities, and it is possible that Hera possesses a different set of powers. Additionally, loyalty and compatibility with their creator’s fighting style can greatly impact a homie’s effectiveness in battle.

Without concrete information about Hera’s abilities, it is challenging to make a definitive judgment about her superiority over Zeus. Only time will reveal the true extent of Hera’s strength and the consequences of Big Mom’s decision.

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The replacement of Zeus with Hera in Big Mom’s arsenal of homies has sparked intrigue among “One Piece” fans. While the reasons behind Big Mom’s decision remain speculative, the desire for power enhancement, emotional attachments, and Hera’s unique abilities likely played significant roles. Whether Hera truly surpasses Zeus in strength and usefulness is yet to be seen.

“One Piece” continuously surprises its audience with unexpected twists and character developments. The shifting dynamics within Big Mom’s crew and the introduction of new homies like Hera add depth and excitement to the ongoing narrative. As the story progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the reveal of Hera’s abilities and the repercussions of Big Mom’s decision, further propelling the captivating world of “One Piece” into uncharted waters.


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