Best settings for Hell Let Loose (Xbox, PS5, PC)

To ensure smooth and enjoyable gameplay in Hell Let Loose, optimizing settings is crucial. Whether playing with a controller or on PC, finding the right configuration can enhance performance and accuracy. Here’s a guide on the best way to set up your settings:

Optimizing Settings in Hell Let Loose

The optimization approach varies between playing on a console or PC in Hell Let Loose. On PC, video settings take precedence, while on console, control settings are more crucial. Regardless, tweaking specific settings on both platforms can contribute to a smoother gaming experience. Here’s a breakdown for each:

Best PC Settings for Hell Let Loose

  • Gameplay:
  • FOV: 90
  • Dead Bodies Despawn Delay: 0.5
  • Video:
  • Fullscreen Mode: Fullscreen
  • Fullscreen Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Resolution Scale: 100%
  • Vertical Sync: OFF
  • Brightness: 115 (Or to your liking)
  • Texture Quality: High
  • Shadow Quality: Low
  • Anti-Aliasing Method: Community TAA
  • Anti-Aliasing Quality: Epic
  • FX Quality: Low
  • View Distance: High
  • Foliage Quality: Medium
  • Post Process Quality: Low
  • Motion Blur: OFF
  • Aspect Ratio Constraint Mode: Maintain X-Axis FOV

Best Console Settings for Hell Let Loose

  • Gameplay:
  • FOV: 90
  • Manual Bolt Cycling: OFF
  • Controls:
  • Lean Toggle: OFF
  • ADS Toggle: OFF
  • Sprint Toggle: ON
  • Steady Aim Toggle: ON
  • Vibration: OFF
  • Aim Assist: Low/OFF
  • Controller Sensitivity X-Axis: 56%
  • Controller Sensitivity Y-Axis: 30%
  • Controller Sensitivity when ADS X-Axis: 16%
  • Controller Sensitivity when ADS Y-Axis: 12%
  • Controller Scope Sensitivity: 44%
  • Acceleration X-Axis: 100%
  • Acceleration Y-Axis: 100%
  • Map Cursor Sensitivity: 50%
  • Movement Deadzone: 16%
  • Look Deadzone: 16%
  • Invert First-person Controller X-Axis: OFF
  • Invert First-person Controller Y-Axis: OFF
  • Invert Vehicle Controller X-Axis: OFF
  • Invert First-person Controller Y-Axis: OFF
  • Video:
  • Brightness: 130 (Or to your liking)
  • Motion Blur: OFF

These settings provide an optimal configuration for Hell Let Loose. However, individual preferences and device capabilities can vary, so it’s recommended to experiment and adjust based on personal comfort and performance.

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