Best RAM-7 loadout and class setup in MW3

The RAM-7 in Modern Warfare 3 makes a triumphant return from Modern Warfare (2019) and the original Warzone, maintaining its effectiveness.

As the inaugural new AR introduced in MW3, the RAM-7 set a high standard for seasonal weapons. With each new season, players inevitably compare new additions to the RAM-7, which remains a sought-after weapon for unlocking and leveling up.

Best RAM-7 loadout and class setup in MW3 multiplayer

Described in-game as an “exceptionally compact bullpup assault rifle” chambered in versatile 5.56 ammunition, the RAM-7 excels as an assault rifle in MW3. However, its range suffers without attachments. Utilizing the Gunsmith along with a well-structured class can remedy this issue.

Best RAM-7 build in MW3 multiplayer

  • Barrel: Cronen Headwind Long Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Kimura RYN-03 Vertical Grip
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO High Grain Rounds
  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Retort 90 Grip Tape

The Cronen Headwind Long Barrel significantly enhances the RAM-7’s Bullet Velocity and Range, improving its effectiveness at longer distances. The 5.56 NATO High Grain Rounds further bolster its range. To mitigate recoil, the Kimura RYN-03 Vertical Grip and Retort 90 Grip Tape are recommended.

The 40 Round Mag provides additional firepower, while the option to swap it for a preferred Optic attachment is available if 30 rounds suffice.

Best RAM-7 class setup in MW3 multiplayer

  • Vest: Infantry Vest
  • Handgun: Renetti
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Field Equipment: Trophy System
  • Gloves: Marksman Gloves
  • Boots: Stalker Boots
  • Gear: Tac Mask or EOD Padding

The Infantry Vest allows for a comprehensive selection of perks and equipment, including the Renetti pistol for quick finishing of weakened enemies.

Stun Grenades and Semtex are reliable tactical choices, while the Trophy System provides protection from enemy lethals and tacticals. Marksman Gloves reduce flinching, Stalker Boots enhance strafing during gunfights, and Tac Mask is effective against enemy stuns and flashes.

With this RAM-7 loadout, you’ll be well-equipped to face any meta guns in MW3 and Warzone!

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