Best Palworld Ore farm locations, listed

Hey fellow pioneers! Today, I’m spilling the beans on the ore-licious world of Palworld. If you’re like me and can’t get enough of crafting, well, you’re gonna need a ton of ore. Let’s dive into the prime locations to set up your ore farm for that sweet, sweet crafting spree!

Best spots to farm Ore in Palworld

In the vast lands of Palworld, three spots caught my eye for ore farming. Picture this: coordinates, mountains, and loads of ore. But, my friend, each spot has its quirks and charms. Check this out:

  • 155 and -395: This mountainous haven is great for enemy raids, but watch out for Pals getting stuck in rocky nooks.
  • 72 and -410 (location 2 option 1): Near Desolate Church, a multitasking dream, but your Pals might have a wandering eye for other duties.
  • 6 and -400 (location 2 option 2): Surrounded by resources, a multitasking paradise, but an open plain makes it a tad trickier to defend.
  • 10 and -525: On a cliff, enemy raids have only one way in. A bit of a trek, but a solid home base.

Palworld ore farm location 155 and -395

This mountain retreat is a gem for fending off enemy raids. Pals might get stuck, but a toss here and there solves that. Craft and conquer!

Palworld ore farm locations 72 and -410 and 6 and -400

These spots are a jackpot of resources after mining. Keep an eye on your Pals; they might moonlight on other duties. The second option is an open plain, so gear up with walls and traps for a solid defense.

Palworld ore farm location 10 and -525

A cliffside haven that takes a bit to reach but packs a punch in defense. Ideal for a home base with a side of ore farming.

Best ore farm location early in Palworld

If you’re in for an early-game ore fest, head northeast from the starting point. Watch out for the Level 11 Chillet mini-boss, but once you’re past that, ore galore!

These spots are nestled in mountain ranges, where ore is as abundant as crafting ideas. I went with location two – it felt like my lucky charm. While my Pals mined away, I scouted the peaks for more ore because it’s practically raining rocks there. But hey, go with location one for proximity or three for a jump to the western side.

Once you’ve chosen your sweet spot, get that ore farm up and running. Equip Pals with the mining knack, expand your operation, and voila! You’re on the road to crafting mastery.

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