Best MTG Limited Draft removal in Murders at Karlov Manor

Alright, fellow Magic enthusiasts, let’s talk about the crucial art of adding some oomph to your Limited deck – removal. Not every card in Murders at Karlov Manor (MKM) is a star player for Draft or Prerelease Sealed events, so we gotta sift through the gems. Grab your thinking cap and let’s dive into the top removals, including some Special Guest and The List MTG cards that spice things up.

Full list of MTG Murders at Karlov Manor removal cards worth main decking

When it comes to removal, Wizards of the Coast didn’t hold back, introducing some killer cards through reprints and fresh MKM additions. From battling aggressive builds with Shock to the all-purpose Murder, we’ve got a lineup you won’t want to miss.

Deadly Cover-Up

Wraths at five mana are a dime a dozen, but Deadly Cover-Up takes it up a notch. With the Collect Evidence mechanic, it not only removes threats but also exiles a chosen card from the graveyard, hand, and library. Sneaky, huh?

Long Goodbye

In the world of Black Instant Draft removal, Long Goodbye is the MVP. It’s a two-mana Uncommon that can’t be Countered. Planeswalkers might not be a big deal, but wiping out creatures with three mana or less is a game-changer.

Slice from the Shadows

Another gem in the Black removal category is Slice from the Shadows. Unstoppable and flexible, it can handle creatures of any size. The cost usually hovers around three to four mana, making it a versatile pick.

Dramatic Accusation

Blue Aura Enchantment tap-down cards are classics in MTG Limited, and Dramatic Accusation is no exception. For an activation cost of two Blue mana, you get to shuffle that tapped creature back into its owner’s hand. A bit pricey but a Control-based build’s dream.

Make Your Move

White steps up with Make Your Move, a three-drop Instant removal spell. Ready to tackle Artifacts and Enchantments, this versatile card is a must-include since it can also knock out creatures with a power of four or greater.

Hard-Hitting Question

Creature-heavy stompy builds rejoice! Hard-Hitting Question, a Green mana wonder, does the trick. It’s a solid bite spell, but keep in mind, it plays at Sorcery speed.

Torch the Witness

Red brings the heat with Torch the Witness. Similar to Slice from the Shadows but packs a punch with double the “X” damage. It’s creature-exclusive, though, and throws in a Clue token for good measure. Perfect for those Aggro decks craving card draw.

Makeshift Binding

MKM might be light on Enchantment removal, but Makeshift Binding shines through. This three-drop Enchantment not only exiles a creature but also tosses you a cool two life. A sweet deal in the world of Limited gameplay.

So there you have it – the lineup of removals that’ll have your opponents shaking in their boots.

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