Best Methods to Farm Coins and Gems Fast in Pet Catchers

In this charming Roblox pet game, the challenge isn’t always about catching critters. Acquiring upgrades and unlocking new areas can seem daunting at first. However, earning coins or gems in Pet Catchers is simpler than you might think. Even newcomers can swiftly obtain all upgrades and explore every corner of the map.

How To Farm Coins and Gems Quick and Easy

Instead of facing formidable foes like the Kraken or the King Slime, focus on efficient farming methods in Pet Catchers to accumulate coins and gems. Here are some quick and easy methods:


Upon reaching Sunset Shores, consult the Old Sailor on the dock to learn fishing. Selling fish yields coins and even diamonds. After your daily catch, claim your reward at the fish exchange stand. Unlocking AutoFishing is a worthwhile investment.

Ancient Dig

Engage in the short stages of the Dusty Dunes mini-game to acquire coins, diamonds, and treasures like eggs. Uncover treasures across the board, focusing on glowing spaces to reveal valuable items.

Bruh Bounty

Located at the end of Frosty Peaks, Bruh offers various quest rewards. Obtain the Skii Pass to access his Hut and complete straightforward quests for diamonds, coins, and other rewards from his extensive bounty table.

Chests and Shrines

Explore the map to discover Shrines offering charms and effects for your pets. Interact with them to receive Rare Cubes or coins periodically. Hidden chests also contain valuable rewards worth the search.

Coin Multiplier

Utilize each pet’s coin multiplier, which boosts coins earned when defeating mobs. Pets with better multipliers are found in new areas, with higher rarity levels offering superior multipliers. Regularly check pet stats to optimize your team for maximum profit.

Coin Elixir

Complete the Blacksmith quest in Auburn Woods to learn how to craft the Coin Elixir in his forge. Activating the Coin effect and Exp Elixir accelerates pet leveling, making battles more efficient.


Equip charms to enhance specific stats. The Looting Charm, obtainable from the Coin Shrine in Magma Basin, increases the coins your pet earns and stacks with the coin multiplier.

Fighting Strategically

Defeating mobs yields substantial coins, especially when combined with coin multipliers or charms. Strong teams can passively earn coins, but ensure your pets are within range of enemies to initiate combat automatically. Avoid prolonged AFK farming sessions to prevent disconnection from the game.

With these efficient farming methods, acquiring money for upgrades becomes effortless in Pet Catchers. Enjoy catching pets or fishing at your leisure, and strive to become the ultimate Pet Catchers master.

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