Best Lethal Company Terminal Macros and How to Install Them

Alright, fellow gamers and Terminal masters, let’s talk about turbocharging your commands in Lethal Company. I’ve got the lowdown on some nifty Lethal Company Terminal Macros that’ll have you typing faster than a speed demon on roller skates!

How to Type Terminal Commands Faster in Lethal Company

Ever felt the default Terminal commands were holding you back? Fear not, my friends! We’ve got the secret sauce – third-party macros. These bad boys can supercharge your commands and make you the ultimate commander in Lethal Company.

Now, there’s this old gem called AutoHotkey, a trusty companion for over two decades. For Lethal Company, I stick to the older (v1.1) version – find it on the Official AutoHotkey Download page. I dabbled with v2.0, but trust me, it’s a maze.

Once you’ve got AutoHotkey cozy on your system, it’s script time. Open Notepad, create a file, and dive into the macro magic. Here’s a sneak peek at my beginner script:

^q:: Send, view monitor SendInput {enter} return
^w:: Send, switch SendInput {enter} return
^t:: Send, transmit SendInput {space} return

Quick breakdown – “Ctrl+Q” fires up the monitor, “Ctrl+W” switches seamlessly, and “Ctrl+T” kicks off the transmission with a space for speedy typing.

And hey, don’t go spamming the macro like there’s no tomorrow; give it a breather between executions.

So, in a nutshell, you’ve got:

  • Ctrl + Q: Types “view monitor” and activates the Terminal monitor.
  • Ctrl + W: Types “switch” and hits that enter key.
  • Ctrl + T: Types “transmit ” (with the space) for lightning-fast messaging.

Feel the power, right? But wait, there’s more. Modify the script, add commands like “ping (radarname)” or “flash (radarname).” Want precise player switches? Craft a script with Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, and so on. Here’s a taste:

^1:: Send, switch playername1 SendInput {enter} return
^2:: Send, switch playername2 SendInput {enter} return
^3:: Send, switch playername3 SendInput {enter} return
^4:: Send, switch playername4 SendInput {enter} return

Let your creativity run wild, but don’t overdo it; crashing is no fun. And speaking of crashing, there’s a monster script that types all turret, mine, and door combinations. It’s a beast, but use it cautiously.

Remember, audit those third-party scripts. Open them, peek at the code, be the detective. Once your masterpiece is ready, save it as a .ahk file, or start with .txt and do a name-change hustle. Double-click that file when you’re ready to unleash the power. Need to shut it down? Hit that green “H” icon in your Windows Taskbar.

Give your script a whirl in an empty notepad to check if the magic’s happening. There you have it – my gift to speed demons on Ship Duty in Lethal Company. Now, go conquer and wield the Signal Translator like never before!

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