Best Killers for Dead by Daylight Lights Out Mode

While experimenting with different Killers in the new game mode can be entertaining and challenging, it’s essential to understand which ones are most effective at securing kills. Explore the top Killers for Dead by Daylight’s Lights Out mode below.

DBD Lights Out Modifier Best Killers Guide

The Lights Out game mode in Dead by Daylight strips Killers down to their basic kits, requiring players to adapt to near-complete darkness. Not all Killers excel in maximizing Survivor eliminations. Discover the best Killers for the DBD Lights Out Modifier below.


With numerous information perks typically utilized in regular matches, the Doctor shines in Lights Out mode, offering valuable insights into Survivor locations. The Madness effect ensures constant screams across the map, while Illusionary Doctors from tier three Madness provide additional clues.


Despite the loud chainsaw attacks, Leatherface’s stealthy movements make him a formidable Killer in dark environments with no Terror Radius. Surprise attacks with the chainsaw catch Survivors off guard, resulting in swift eliminations without the need for stalking.


The Trapper’s setup-heavy playstyle is more viable in Lights Out mode due to reduced Survivor visibility. With decreased chances of detection while setting traps and Survivors’ tendency to roam, trapping opportunities increase significantly.


Offering consistent information through survivors’ actions, the Plague capitalizes on her ability to spread sickness across generators and lockers. Increased cleansing by Survivors provides opportunities to utilize the Corrupt Purge ability effectively.


Nemesis instills fear with his intimidating presence, reminiscent of Resident Evil 2. In the dark, his footsteps and the presence of Contaminated Survivors amplify the scare factor, providing both psychological pressure and valuable noise cues.

While these Killers excel in the Lights Out Modifier, each offers a fresh and enjoyable challenge. It’s rewarding to witness less prominent Killers shine in this mode, proving their worth even in the darkest of environments.

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