Best Junon Parade Formation in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Nearing the conclusion of your endeavors in Junon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you are entrusted with leading a musical parade alongside the Seventh Infantry, where achieving a high score is crucial for obtaining the finest reward.

Formation plays a significant role in securing the prize for delivering an Outstanding Performance in the Junon Parade. So, what constitutes the optimal setup?

FF7 Rebirth: What is the best Junon Parade Formation?

Begin by locating all ten Seventh Infantry squads before participating in the Parade. This ensures you have all the necessary squads at your disposal to arrange them in the most advantageous manner.

When determining the formation order, the units at your disposal include two Grenadiers, two Riot Troopers, and one Flametroopers division. The specific sequence in which you place these units may not be critical, but it’s essential to position units of the same type adjacent to each other.

For instance, here are some potential formations:

  • Grenadier, Grenadier, Riot Trooper, Riot Trooper, Flametroopers
  • Riot Trooper, Riot Trooper, Flametroopers, Grenadier, Grenadier
  • Grenadier, Grenadier, Flametroopers, Riot Trooper, Riot Trooper

Executing any of these formations yields the most challenging and rewarding sets. If executed correctly, the Ramuh Formation, Shiva Formation, and Bahamut Formation should appear at the top of the screen, each accompanied by three-star symbols.

However, formulating the ideal setup is just the beginning. You must also excel in the quick-time musical events and achieve the highest score to emerge victorious. Remain focused and execute the correct button inputs during the musical minigames to maximize your point tally.

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