Best Gun Build in Nightingale

The portal opens to infinite worlds, each one a deadly threat. Survival in the Faewilds demands courage, skill, and a reliable weapon. While melee weapons like Axes eliminate the need for ammunition, they also keep you dangerously close to danger in Inflexion Games’s survival-crafting simulation.

On the contrary, guns provide a safer distance to confront threats ranging from the Bounded to Flame Spitters and the Carnute. The effectiveness of your gun build depends on your combat approach, but certain materials and Infusions are consistently desirable. Here’s the optimal gun build in Nightingale for both DPS and general utility.

How To Craft the Best Gun in Nightingale

Crafting the best gun in Nightingale begins with obtaining the right materials. There are two primary Ingot types to consider, both offering distinct advantages. The first is Ingot (Einaidia), and the second is Ingot (Pursuit). Here’s a comparison:

Ranged Damage: 30%Ranged Damage: 25%
Stealth Rating: 50%Critical Damage: 7.5%
Movement Speed: 20%Durability: 15%
Durability: 20%

Opt for Einaidia for a stealthier approach or if you’re less confident in hitting weak points. Pursuit is preferable for focusing on weak-point damage. When crafting a ranged weapon for your Nightingale gun build, a reliable rifle like the Winchester suffices. However, carrying a Paradox Shotgun, Porter Pistol, or another backup weapon is advisable. Crafting recipes for these weapons are available from Essence Trader Sadie at The Watch. The Winchester Rifle requires the following components:

  • Barrel (crafted from Shaft using Ingot x2)
  • Metal Plate (crafted from Ingot x3)
  • Handle (crafted from Pole using Lumber x2 and Fasteners using Ingot x2)
  • Refined Action (crafted from Action using Ingot x2 and Mechanical Gears using Ingot x2)

Best Enchantments, Infusions, and Charms

After crafting your rifle, consider Enchantments, Infusions, and Charms to enhance its capabilities. While numerous options are available, several stand out for the best gun build in Nightingale. Here are some worth considering for the beneficial buffs they offer to your ranged weapon:

  • Conveyance Infusion – Increases ranged damage
  • Death Infusion – Increases critical damage
  • Clarity Infusion – Increases weapon range
  • Charm of Ferocity – Increases base damage but eliminates critical hits
  • Charm of the Sniper – Prevents ranged damage from decreasing with distance from target
  • Assassin’s Sight Enchantment – Reveals weak points, facilitating critical hits

Avoid pairing the Charm of Ferocity and Assassin’s Sight, but bringing either is advisable. All other options complement each other well. As you experiment with this build, you may discover other Charms or Infusions that better suit your playstyle, allowing you to personalize the best gun build in Nightingale.

Nightingale is currently available for PC in early access.

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