Best Elder Faerie Cookie Toppings build guide in Cookie Run Kingdom

The Cookie Laboratorium update in Cookie Run Kingdom unveiled the Guardian Gacha, offering players the chance to obtain the new Super Epic cookie, Elder Faerie Cookie.

Elder Faerie Cookie holds significant importance in the story of the Ancient Rare cookie, White Lily Cookie. Beyond his narrative role, Elder Faerie Cookie stands out as a formidable choice for his designated role.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to Elder Faerie Cookie, including the optimal toppings to use for him in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Who is Elder Faerie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Elder Faerie Cookie formerly ruled the Faerie Kingdom as the Guardian of the Silver Tree’s Seal on Beast Cookies. Following his tenure, White Lily Cookie assumed the role and currently serves as the Guardian. Elder Faerie Cookie is categorized as a Defense-type cookie, ideally positioned at the forefront of the team.

Elder Faerie Cookie boasts a silver and white appearance, with his hair featuring a blend of silver and light blue-green hues. Armed with a sword, he defends his allies with determination.

Elder Faerie Cookie ability in Cookie Run Kingdom

Elder Faerie Cookie’s ability, Guardian’s Valor, involves slashing his sword down to inflict damage on the nearest enemy. Additionally, he taunts enemies, removes debuffs from himself, and triggers an explosion with his sword that diminishes enemies’ healing capabilities. Moreover, he buffs the damage resistance of White Lily Cookie and another cookie with the highest attack (or two highest attack cookies if White Lily Cookie is absent).

Best Elder Faerie Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

Given Elder Faerie Cookie’s frontline position, utilizing five Solid Almond cookies as his toppings proves to be the most effective choice. This enhances his damage resistance, thereby safeguarding your team’s damage-dealers for an extended duration.

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