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Best Cooking Anime Shows

Anime has always been known for its diverse range of themes and genres, from action and adventure to romance and slice of life. But one genre that often gets overlooked is cooking anime. These shows not only feature mouth-watering dishes and intricate culinary techniques but also explore themes of passion, perseverance, and creativity. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best cooking anime series out there and why they’re worth watching.

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

If you’re a fan of cooking anime, then chances are you’ve heard of Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma. This series follows the journey of Soma Yukihira, a young chef who dreams of becoming a top-class cook like his father. Soma enrolls in Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute, a prestigious cooking school where only the best of the best are admitted. Along the way, he faces numerous challenges and participates in intense cooking battles known as Shokugeki.

What sets Food Wars! apart from other cooking anime series is its over-the-top presentation of food. The dishes are not only visually stunning but also have the power to elicit intense emotional and physical reactions from those who taste them. The show also explores themes of friendship, rivalry, and the importance of following one’s dreams.

Yakitate!! Japan

Yakitate!! Japan is a cooking anime series that follows Kazuma Azuma, a young boy with a talent for baking bread. Kazuma dreams of creating a national bread for Japan, and to achieve this goal, he sets out to master the art of baking.

What makes Yakitate!! Japan unique is its focus on bread-making, a culinary art that often gets overlooked in cooking anime series. The show not only explores the science behind baking but also delves into the cultural significance of bread in Japan. The characters are also a highlight of the series, with their quirky personalities and hilarious antics.

Sweetness and Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning is a heartwarming cooking anime series that follows Kouhei Inuzuka, a single father who struggles to balance his job as a high school teacher with taking care of his young daughter Tsumugi. Kouhei’s love for cooking leads him to start preparing meals for his daughter, with the help of one of his students, Kotori Iida.

The show’s focus on family and the bond between parent and child is what sets it apart from other cooking anime series. The dishes prepared in the show are simple yet delicious, and the characters’ interactions with each other are both heartwarming and humorous.


Toriko is a cooking anime series that takes place in a world where food is the most valuable commodity. The show follows Toriko, a Gourmet Hunter who travels the world in search of rare and exotic ingredients. Along the way, he meets a variety of characters, including fellow Gourmet Hunters and chefs.

What makes Toriko stand out is its unique blend of action, adventure, and cooking. The show features intense battles with ferocious beasts, as well as intricate culinary techniques used to prepare the ingredients. The dishes presented in the show are also visually stunning and are sure to make your mouth water.

Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World is a cooking anime series that takes place in a unique setting. The show follows a restaurant called “Western Restaurant Nekoya,” which only opens its doors on Saturdays. However, on this day, the restaurant is accessible to beings from different worlds and dimensions.

What sets Restaurant to Another World apart from other cooking anime series is its focus on the stories of the restaurant’s patrons. Each episode follows a different character and their experience at


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