Best co-op games for couples this Valentine’s Day

If you’re on the lookout for games to spice up your Valentine’s Day, your search ends here. I’ve curated a list of the best co-op games that promise to either strengthen your relationship or ignite some friendly chaos. Whether you’re aiming for a romantic evening or an adventurous gaming session, these games are perfect for some Feb. 14 fun.

The Best Co-op Games to Play with Your Loved Ones on Valentine’s Day

Overcooked 2

Dive into the chaos of Overcooked 2, where you and your partner must swiftly fill restaurant orders and prep ingredients. The key to success lies in fast-paced action and clear communication. Be warned – one wrong move can send you back to square one. Despite the challenges, laughter is guaranteed along the way.

Unraveled 2

Unraveled 2 is not just a game; it’s a lesson in teamwork. Play as two Yarnys, navigating a stunning environment filled with cliffs and fields. Learn to create yarn lassos to rescue your partner and embark on a journey that includes parkour, bridge-building, and encounters with machines and birds. The atmosphere transitions from beautiful to ominous, providing moments for both awe and cuddles.


Immerse yourself in the turn-based RPG, Haven, set in a utopian world where matchmakers dictate your romantic fate. Unhappy with this arrangement, the protagonists escape and embark on an exploration journey. Discover ingredients, collect items, and boost your chemistry and experience levels. Haven allows you to create same-sex couples, offering a cute game with an engaging story.

Genshin Impact

Surprisingly, Genshin Impact isn’t just a solo adventure. Invite your partner to join you in this expansive world, where they can assist in finding materials to level up your characters. While it may not be the conventional choice for a romantic evening, it’s a great game to kill time before your Valentine’s Day dinner reservation.

Cat Quest 2

Indulge in the adorable world of Cat Quest 2, where you can play as either a cat or a dog. Set in a 2D realm focusing on the cats of Felingard and the dogs of the Lupus Empire, this action RPG is perfect for storytelling game enthusiasts and those who appreciate a touch of Dungeons and Dragons.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Recently introducing a multiplayer feature, Disney Dreamlight Valley allows friends to explore each other’s valleys. For couples, it’s an opportunity to complete quests together, run errands, and witness each other’s creative valley designs. Visit Scrooge’s Store and participate in events designed by fellow players for a delightful multiplayer experience.

Stardew Valley

Did you know you can get married to another player in Stardew Valley’s co-op mode? Similar to marrying an NPC, you can enjoy the lighter commitment of having children and even receive a Stardrop next to your bed after the wedding.

It Takes Two

My top recommendation for couples, It Takes Two, presents a captivating story that approaches emotional subjects realistically. Play as Cody and May, a couple turned into dolls, navigating their home and overcoming challenges. The game teaches patience and problem-solving, offering a magical experience that’s constantly celebrated for its beautiful story and creative gameplay.

This Valentine’s Day, level up your gaming experience with these co-op games designed to create lasting memories with your loved one. Enjoy the adventure, laughter, and shared triumphs as you embark on these digital journeys together.

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