Best Base Locations in Nightingale

If you venture into the perilous domains of Nightingale seeking a secure spot to establish your base, you’ll face challenges and perhaps some confusion. Time is of the essence, and you’ll want a strategic resting point rich in resources and devoid of enemies. The optimal base locations in Nightingale demand practicality, often revealing unexpectedly stunning landscapes.

What Are the Best Locations to Build a Respite in Nightingale?

Firstly, it’s crucial to note that the base locations, Respites, are exclusive to the Abeyance realms for Nightingale players. These realms constitute the lowest challenge tier in the game. However, given the access to Sites of Power, you’ll need to frequently revisit this area during your journey. Since these realms are mostly procedurally generated, it’s wise to prioritize specific types of areas you may encounter.

Although there are only three distinct biomes in the game, the best locations capitalize on the unique resources available in each biome. Consider factors like environmental hazards and material accessibility when making your choice. Ultimately, personal preference may play a role in your decision, so choose wisely.

Desert Cave Respite

This rare natural setting provides access to the Desert realm’s finest qualities without the scorching heat. Desert realms typically demand umbrellas or face dire consequences due to extreme heat, but the caves eliminate this issue, offering veins of valuable ores and gems.

Merely establishing an Estate Cairn at the cave entrance suffices. However, an even more optimal location within the Desert Abeyance realm may lie nearby. Craft some lights and settle in!

Oasis Lumber Yard Respite

Despite the Desert’s inhospitable nature, an oasis nestled between the mountains offers respite with abundant trees, plant fiber, and more. If you’ve chosen the Desert Abeyance as your starting realm, this oasis quickly becomes a refuge from the blistering heat, featuring caves and ore deposits nearby.

A Cairn placed near a water source is ideal. The cooling water eliminates the need for an umbrella, providing welcome relief during your journey. Such rest stops are essential, as the sweltering heat severely limits your stamina without them while you search for the next Site of Power.

Swamp Resort Respite

The serene and picturesque Swamp biome in Nightingale may surprise you with its beauty. Although its flooded terrain and contaminated waters pose significant risks, dry land offers a colorful paradise with colossal relics in view. Just be cautious of the water and refrain from drinking it.

While recommending a specific area is usually enjoyable, in the case of the Swamp biome, any patch of dry land offers excellent access. Abundant plant life and wildlife make these areas enticing, as long as you remain close to your base.

Forest Island Respite

Islands bordering the Forest biome, surrounded by rocks and potential fishing spots, serve as excellent base locations. They provide security against nocturnal predators and offer a clear view of your next destination on the map.

While more isolated from critical areas like Sites of Power or a Fae Portal, these islands allow for independent exploration. However, in establishing your base here, you may stumble upon an even more captivating sight.

Repurposed Bastille Respite

Forest biomes provide ideal base locations for Nightingale players, offering shelter and resources. However, settling among the trees requires caution to avoid disasters like chopping down a tree over your crafting stations. Therefore, establishing a safe starting nook within a small Bastille, shielded from adverse weather, is advisable.

Clear out a Bastille, such as the Bastille of Intellect, and you may discover one near a portal, transforming it into the ultimate travel and crafting hub. These bastilles, often nestled amidst forests, provide ample opportunities to construct a remarkable home factory where you can store and create anything you need. Plus, you benefit from built-in shelter while planning your housing arrangements.

While player preference ultimately dictates the best base locations in Nightingale, certain areas offer undeniable Respite advantages. Though these realms may lack true area bosses, they provide safe havens to craft Hunt cards for taking down Apex bosses elsewhere. NPCs for quests appear in each corresponding Abeyance realm without issue, allowing you to change your base if you’re dissatisfied with your initial choice.

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