Best Acid Flask Rogue build in Last Epoch

Poison serves as a captivating method for vanquishing foes in ARPGs, offering a dynamic gameplay experience with the accumulation of stacks and escalating damage over time. In Last Epoch, the Acid Flask serves as the cornerstone of the Rogue’s poison arsenal, presenting an opportunity to craft a formidable build.

Acid Flask Poison Rogue build details

The optimal Acid Flask Rogue Build in Last Epoch revolves around a poison-stacking strategy. This build leverages the potent Poison Pools ability from the Acid Flask’s specialization tree to inflict substantial damage and apply persistent damage over time effects.

Best Rogue Mastery for Acid Flask

We recommend the Falconer Rogue Mastery for Acid Flask Rogues due to its ability to boost Damage Over Time by 49 percent. While the Bladedancer and Marksman masteries enhance poison chance, the Falconer’s Falcon provides additional stacks of poison to unseen enemies, offering invaluable support. With increased attack speed and haste available to Falconers, players can maintain a safe distance while relying on poison damage to eliminate adversaries.

Although Acid Flask is a foundational Rogue Talent, any Rogue Mastery can effectively utilize it. However, the Falconer’s Falcon provides an additional means of stacking poison, making it a preferred choice. With over 200 percent poison chance in most builds, the Falcon inherits 50 percent of this chance, enabling it to efficiently dispatch enemies. Moreover, the Falcon assists in applying stacks from a distance, addressing the Acid Flask Rogue’s lack of ranged stack application methods.

Nevertheless, Bladedancer or Marksman masteries can also be viable options for Last Epoch setups, albeit with fewer benefits compared to the Falconer.

Best Skills and Specializations for Acid Flask Rogues

For Acid Flask-focused Rogue builds, we recommend the following Specializations:

Skill NameSpecialization Node Name
Acid FlaskCaustic Concoction Two, Contamination Four, Poison Pools One, Hydrochloric Acid Five, Lingering Toxicity Three, Amatoxic Pools Four, Corrosive One
PunctureTiming Two, Penumbral Ambush One, Scalebane One, Perforate Two, Press the Attack One, Toxic Delivery Three, Effacious Toxin Five, Rapid Strikes One, Bloodthirst Four
ShiftShadow Recuperation Two, Sleight of Hand Five, Swift Recovery Three, Shadowslip One, Elusive One, Parting Gift Two, Arrival Gift Two, Momentum One, Velocity Three
ShurikenAlacrity Three, Fan of Blades One, Blade Shield One, Floating Blades Three, Bladed Armor Three, Abrasive Arsenal Four, Toxic Tips Four, Entry Points One
FalconryFalconer’s Journey One, Is it a bird? One, Agile Prey Two, Rending Talons Four, Falconer’s Mark Two, Avian Stamina Four, Hunter’s Spoils One, Bird of Prey Two, The Blood Dance Two, Wake of Wings One

Notably, Acid Flask features prominently in our Specialization recommendations. The goal is to maintain presence in Acid Pools to activate Hydrochloric Acid, which significantly enhances poison damage. By keeping enemies within the poison, players can accumulate numerous stacks per second. Additionally, Shift deposits Acid Flasks on the ground, facilitating the spread of poison across the battlefield. Given the limited means of automatically disseminating Damage Over Time for Poison Rogues, careful placement of pools is essential.

Although Puncture may not be utilized in every build, it serves a specific purpose with Scalebane and Bloodthirst. This combination converts all Bleed chance into Poison chance and all Physical Shred into Poison Shred, while Bloodthirst provides substantial boosts to Poison Chance. Thus, players must engage closely in combat with this Acid Flask build to maximize the effectiveness of their pools.

Since Shuriken are automatically deployed during Shift, the final ability is Decoy, which allows players to lure enemies into a chosen pool.

An alternative to Shuriken and Decoy is Explosive Trap, which includes a specialization called Instrument of the Alchemist. This grants Explosive Traps a chance to release an Acid Flask, effectively spreading pools across the battlefield. However, this approach requires players to achieve a 30 percent proc window at maximum. While we opted for a focus on durability, Explosive Trap remains a viable option.

Best Acid Flask Rogue Passives and Gear

For the Rogue Acid Flask build, we recommend the following passives:

Tree NamePassive Name
RogueSwift Assassin Eight, Guile One, Evasion One, Agility Five, Poison Tipped Eight
FalconerRaptor’s Wings Five, Handler Eight, Peltast Seven, Avian Hurl Six, Evasion Tactics Four, Relentless Talons Five, Sky Assassin Seven, Stymphalian Feathers Five, Expediency Five, Tailwind Six, Coordinated Fade One, Crimson Skies Five, Fencing Grace Seven, Deflect and Weave Five, Poise Five, Wilderness Scout Three, Stamina of the Rover Six

Of all Rogue tree abilities, Poison Tipped is the primary focus, alongside Agility Two and Swift Assassin Eight. Poison Tipped dictates our preference for a Dagger and Shield build.

Within the Falconer Tree, Sky Assassin stands as the sole ability dedicated to boosting poison damage, offering a substantial 49 percent damage increase. Other nodes in the Falconer’s tree emphasize additional hits via Haste and the Falcon, along with exceptional durability. We also advocate for acquiring Crimson Skies, as Scalebane transforms the chance provided by Crimson Shroud into Poison chance.

Regarding Gear, prioritize Increased Poison Damage. While Attack Speed and Increased Damage Over Time are viable additional affixes, Increased Poison Damage typically provides greater value. Additionally, ensure to augment Mana regeneration through affixes or armor pieces to mitigate the rapid Mana consumption associated with Shift and Flask utilization.

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