Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Unlock The Vault Door In The Toll House

Hey there fellow adventurers! Ready to uncover the hidden mysteries within the Toll House in Baldur’s Gate 3? Well, gear up because I’ve got the inside scoop on how to get through locked doors, find secret keys, and delve into secret vaults. Let’s embark on this thrilling journey!

Where Is The Toll House Key?

So, you’re eyeing that locked door inside the Toll House, huh? No worries! The key is just a stone’s throw away. Chat up the deceased Toll Collectors around the Toll House using Speak With The Dead. One of them spills the beans on the key’s location.

Not into chatting with the departed? No problem! Head towards Karlach, just South of the Toll House, and take a left before crossing the bridge. At the base of a wooden ladder, you’ll find the key on a Toll Collector’s corpse. Easy peasy!

How To Get Through The Toll House Cellar

You’ve got the key, and now it’s time to tackle the cellar. Watch out for three traps in the next room – Perception checks will save your skin by revealing them. Just sidestep those circular troublemakers if you can’t disarm them.

As you progress, lockpick the cell door and navigate through the cellar, encountering traps and storage bins. In the final room, spot two thrones on the left wall. Here’s the trick – separate party members and have two folks take a seat, or go for the heavy item option.

Boom! Secret vault activated as the wall between thrones lowers. But beware of a pesky poison trap in the vault room. Disarm vent traps or cover them to avoid a toxic shower.

What’s Inside the Vault?

Now, the juicy part – the loot! In the vault room, discover treasures like a +1 Greataxe and Gloves of Heroism. The Greataxe packs a punch with 1d12+1 slashing damage and a 1.5m range. Meanwhile, the Gloves of Heroism boost your Strength saving throws. Sweet haul!

Additional Ways Into The Vault

Feeling sneaky? There’s a back passage into the vault if you’re up for a challenge. If lockpicking isn’t your forte or the key is playing hide-and-seek, here’s an alternative route.

Head around the back of the Toll House, saving your game before entering the area behind the building. Pass a sneaky Perception Check triggered at the far end of the backyard to reveal a burrow hole.

Now, three quirky ways to enter:

Become A Gas

Cast Gaseous Form on a character, and poof, you can slip into the burrow hole. Just remember, you’ll need to exit in Gaseous form too. So, plan your escape accordingly.

Become Smaller

Reduce a halfling or gnome with the spell Reduce to fit through the hole. Sorry, medium-sized characters – this one’s for the little folks.

Become A Small Animal

Transform into a spider or a tiny animal using Wild Shape and squeeze through the crack. Once inside, explore the cellar and break into the vault following the earlier options.

There you have it, fellow adventurers! Unlocking the secrets of the Toll House is now within your grasp.

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