Baldur’s Gate 3 | How to find the Nightsong

To Find the Nightsong quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 is among the initial side quests you encounter at the start of the game, extending all the way into Act Three. The quest’s conclusion varies based on your decisions, with significant implications for the story.

To streamline the process, we’ll guide you through the “Find the Nightsong” quest, spanning all three Acts. Additionally, we’ve outlined the choices you’ll confront at the quest’s climax and their consequences. Here’s everything you need to know about the “Find the Nightsong” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Find the Nightsong quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Find the Nightsong quest is available in the first act and comprises a lengthy, intricate questline involving various areas and characters, ensuring many hours of gameplay. The Nightsong holds pivotal importance in the story’s culmination, particularly for a specific Elven character in your party.

How to start the Find the Nightsong quest in BG3

The “Find the Nightsong” quest initiates in Act One after conversing with either Liam in the Shattered Sanctum or Aradin in the Druid’s Grove following the initial goblin raid attempt. Opting to commence the quest by speaking with Aradin early on eliminates the need to search for another individual in the Shattered Sanctun.

After engaging with Aradin (or Liam), you’ll learn from him about a wizard in Baldur’s Gate, Lorroakan, offering a hefty sum to anyone retrieving the Nightsong. From this point onward, the quest progresses gradually, intertwining with segments of the main storyline, eliminating the need to divert from the main quest to pursue it further.

Act One: Goblin Camp, Defiled Temple, Underdark, and Grymforge

The quest advances when you proceed to the Goblin Camp, where you discover that the Nightsong is held in the Defiled Ruins, the deepest section of the Goblin Camp. Subsequently, defeating Priestess Gut allows deeper exploration into the ruins, where encountering her bodyguard presents options to pacify, persuade, or evade the ogre for access to lower levels.

If combat isn’t your preference, pickpocketing the key from Priestess Gut offers an alternative solution. Upon progression, encountering a dead-end prompts solving the stone disc puzzle, facilitating access to the Underdark. Navigating the vast underground section leads to Grymforge, where the trail of the Nightsong leads to the Shadow-Cursed Lands, concluding Act One and setting the stage for Act Two.

Act Two: Shadow-Cursed Lands and the Gauntlet of Shar

The quest’s pursuit continues through the main story, with significant progress in Act Two unlocking essential items necessary to reach the Nightsong. Journeying to the Gauntlet of Shar culminates in confronting the Nightsong, preceded by navigating through multiple puzzles and a major boss battle.

Ensuring a Long Rest before proceeding and including Shadowheart and Astarion in your active party proves beneficial. Upon confronting the Nightsong, pivotal decisions dictate the quest’s outcome.

Find the Nightsong: Making the final decision

At this juncture, the game offers two choices:

  • Kill her. Let’s finish this ritual.
  • [Persuasion] Don’t do it, Shadowheart. Don’t kill her – you’ll regret it

Should you save or kill the Nightsong in BG3?

Save the Nightsong

Choosing to save the Nightsong necessitates passing a Persuasion check. If successful, an additional option, “Trust Shadowheart – Do not interfere,” enables Shadowheart’s autonomy, albeit with potential influence if desired.

Kill the Nightsong

Opting to kill the Nightsong presents two further choices: you execute her or allow Shadowheart to do so.

If you choose to kill her personally, Shadowheart permanently leaves your party, ending her questline, and potentially affecting romance options. Alternatively, if Shadowheart fulfills her duty by killing the Nightsong, she gains possession of Shar’s artifacts, altering her personality and potentially locking out romance options.

Regardless of your decision, the quest concludes, offering unique insights into Shadowheart’s character and impacting subsequent events.

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